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Pierce #8 on list of least liked NBA players


Forbes Magazine has published a poll of the NBA's Most Disliked Players.

In a bit of a surprise, Paul Pierce is 8th:

Some fans just have strong feelings about Celtics and Lakers players. Plus, Pierce was very outspoken on the union’s negotiating tactics during the recent NBA lockout.

I'm not buying it. I highly doubt his role in the lockout impacted his likeability. You want more proof this poll is garbage? Kevin Garnett did not make the list. 

Here's the entire list:

  1. Kris Humphries 
  2. LeBron James
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Tony Parker
  5. Metta World Peace
  6. Chris Bosh
  7. Carmelo Anthony
  8. Paul Pierce
  9. Dwyane Wade
  10. Lamar Odom

Humphries and Parker? What did they do besides divorce their celebrity wives? Nothing. True NBA fans could give a damn about that stuff. 

(h/t Pro Basketball Talk and Celtics Town)

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  • Don’t mean to hijack the post, but any chance we could get JR Smith out of china? Perfect wing 6th man for scoring off the bench. Pierce is already hurt, and we have no one who can get there own shot off the bench.

  • To answer you I was thinking more Wilson Chandler than JR!!! We all know Gerald Wallace was available in a trade. Why not talk to Portland to see what can be done??? Im not sure what his salary looks like!!! But to answer this Article. Where is Bynum on this list after that Horrific foul on Barrera????

  • Could we please not give worthless polls like this any attention? It just encourages them. Moving on. Thank you.

  • Why does this exist? Like Jason said, moving on. Who knows what idiots they collected this data from.
    That being said, I would like to see that list generated by the soldiers of RedsArmy.

  • please don’t take this personal cause it’s not meant that way at all- what does JR Smith bring to any team? I feel like he’s the most over-rated scrub in the game right now, yet ALOT of people on this site (whose opinions I value) seem to think JR “would be a great addition”. I just don’t get it. He jacks up alot of 3’s, hits only afew, cant handle the ball, cant or wont pass, plays weak defense (partly cause he’s shorter than alot of 2’s), and is a disruption. Am I missing anything?
    Love Wilson Chandler and always liked KMart though.

  • No offense taken, just a little panic mode, smith can put up 20 points on any given night and can be instant energy with a huge dunk or big 3. Plus could starter minutes a few games if/when Paul or Ray get nicked up. He has character issues but at this point I don’t care, who is our bench wing? Sasha? I like Gerald Wallace too, not a big fan of chandler, I like both Kmart’s, but we’re not getting Kevin and don’t really need Kenyon. David West would’ve been perfect in Green stayed healthy, but we don’t have either now. Pierce is dinged, KG and Ray are older, Oneal is injury prone and Rondo could pout and isn’t really an offensive threat, bench isn’t really quality right now, Heat Bulls and Knicks looking pretty good right now, we need to make a decent move or blow it up in my opinion

  • If Kris Humphries is top on this list, at least 90% of those polled had to have been middle school girls.

  • Ever since the wheelchair incident, Pierce has been hated.

  • The David West thing is still bugging the crap outa me and prob. will till DA signs another star player next year.
    Can you imagine JR Smith driving an automobile in Boston traffic? God help us all…

  • Everyone on that list should be flattered…nobody hates a loser.

  • Right on Jerry.
    A lot of NBA fans hate Paul because of all those close games they thought they’d win, but then he ripped their guts out in crunch time over and over again.
    Kobe is like that too, but there’s also everything else about his career long media circus. Pierce has a pretty low mass media profile compared to everyone else on the list. All the other guys, there’s all this off court stuff, or a few things in particular, you can point to. With Paul it really is mostly just about him crushing their nba fandom dream.
    Who hated him in 06-07? Practically everybody in the mass media and every crazy forum fan on the internet was doing their little part, throwing fuel on the fire, trying to burn the bridge between Paul and the Celtics so they could get him. Everybody wanted him on their team.