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Marquis Daniels: Unfinished Business

Welcome to what appears to be Marquis Daniels day here on Red's Army.  Our boy Drucci emailed us his latest mix…. and it's a tribute to Quisy called "Unfinished Business."

And if you have quick second, go vote in our quick poll:  Do you feel better about the Boston Celtics roster after the first preseason game?

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  • This video pumps me up! Can’t wait for the season to start and see Quisy playing again. I hope the Celtics shock the world and win title number 18!

  • If Marquis Daniels could have a second chance at this game, I’m glad he got to do it with the Celtics. A lot of teams would have just cut their losses and told Quis good luck. Really shows what kind of organization they run.Which is why I’m confident Jeff Green will be a Celtic next year.
    I wish the maker of this would have included that half court shot Quis made last year. Made the basket, turned around and walked away as if it were no big deal. Awesome.

  • I’m reacting late but thanks for posting the video!
    Glad you guys liked it and hopefully it will spell good fortune for Marquis this year.