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Your Morning Dump… Where Posey, Thornton and Stevenson are remote options to replace Green

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

And the market, as one NBA executive told on Saturday, is "extremely thin."

With only the veteran's minimum to offer, it becomes even less likely that the C's will be able to find a player not currently on the roster, to help replace Green's contributions.

Some of the possibilities for the C's include former Celtic James Posey, Al Thornton and DeShawn Stevenson.

CSNNE – What now for Cs?

For all he did back in 2008, Posey is washed up. Al Thornton can fly, but he doesn't play defense. DeShawn Stevenson is an excellent wing defender, but a disaster offensively (check out his career shooting percentage). And let's not forget his bad attitude.

The Celtics already found their replacement for Green – it's Sasha Pavlovic:

Pavlovic was signed to a one-year deal last week and the Celtics believe he can make a significant impact if he plays more aggressively. Rivers said earlier in the week that Pavlovic’s biggest obstacle is confidence and he has spent time providing encouragement.

Green averaged 9.8 points per game last season and likely would have produced more as his comfort level with the team’s offense increased. But Rivers said the Daniels-Pavlovic duo doesn’t need to replace Green’s offensive contributions. Brandon Bass can provide a majority of the scoring for the second unit.

A Dooling-Daniels-Pavlovic-Bass-Wilcox second unit can get the job done. Whatever the young guys (Bradley, Moore, Johnson) contribute is gravy. My biggest concern is… relying on Marquis Daniels to stay healthy. 

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On Page 2, Jermaine O'Neal's play has everyone talking.

"If we had an MVP trophy – maybe we should have one – for camp, I think he would win it," Rivers said. "He's been phenomenal throughout camp. He's been absolutely wonderful."

"Number one, he has really bought in defensively," Rivers said. "He knows where to be all the time."

He's also a better communicator with his teammates defensively, something Rivers admits was a problem at times with the team's centers before and after the C's traded away Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma City. 

"Now he's become a talker," Rivers said. "That's one of the things, Kevin (Garnett) and Perk and Baby (Glen Davis) and all those guys had, Jermaine was new to it. We didn't have that a lot last year."

Rivers added, "Jermaine was learning it, and you heard Shaq talk before so no one could understand what the hell he was saying, the mumble. So it's good that Jermaine got it, is getting it."

CSNNE – O'Neal has a lot to prove

We saw flashes of Jermaine's defensive prowess last season. But I feel the same about Jermaine as I do about Quisy. My confidence level for both players staying healthy (randomly defined by me as playing 85% of regular season games and being available for the playoffs) is 30%. 

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  • our best bet would be al Thornton, he has never been n a team that preachers defence so who knows if he puts a little effort in maybe he can do good

  • Well, maybe Quisy and Jermaine can hold up better than previously – at least Daniels. He had problems stemming from that situation with his spine. Now that it’s fixed, maybe he can hold up?
    As for Jermaine, his knee is fixed now. It had been bothering him for a while too, but he opted to take the surgery. So there’s hope he can survive as well.
    Of course, we will need luck this year regarding health. But hey, it’s possible that both guys play the 85%.

  • You got to be kidding me with the bench comment. That’s one of the weakest second units out there. I’d say sign Stevenson for the simple fact that he antagonizes Lebron. We’re not beating them anyways, so might as well go out with a bang…or brawl.

  • There is no guarantee this Celtic team will even make the playoffs.
    Might as well go with youth extensively…Bradley, Moore, JuJuan.
    Next summer…spend like crazy to reload.

  • besides pierce and rondo scrap this team and rebuild

  • +1
    Any news on how Gilbert Brown is doing?

  • Chuck, love the optimism, but come on. Marquis will be hurt before we know it and so won’t Jermaine O’Neal, meaning Wilcox or Bass will be put into starting lineup. And Pavolvic is a joke. Losing Jeff Green screwed this team. He was gonna log a lot of minutes and is a talented player. I’ll be happy with the 5th seed and a good first round matchup.

  • Thornton would be my 1st choice, followed by Posey. Not a fan of Deshawn although that home-less guy beard he rocks is kinda funny. I’m of the opinion that this team needs height.