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Jeff Green to have heart surgery, out for season

That is horrible news for Jeff.  I'm sad for him… but happy that it was caught in time for him to have it repaired.  The question now is whether his basketball career is in jeopardy.

The Celtics will void his deal because it was contingent on him passing a physical.  

Basketball-wise, that still only leaves the Celtics with minimum wage contracts to fill the void.  Expect James Posey to be a possibility now that Green is gone. 

Update:  He is expected to resume his NBA career next season:

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  • Its a good thing they caught this. I believe that’s what killed John Ritter. Hopefully he should still be able to play basketball.

  • uncle jeff’s contract will be voided and celtics retain his rights.. hello james posey?

  • The entire celtics nation wishes the best to Jeff and his family. Get well and you will always get back to work next season. In Celtics Green of course. As far as what the team should do.. I think the perfect fit would be DeShawn Stevenson.. He’s a few inches shorter but he is physical and an elite defender with championship pedigree and look at his work in the playoffs.. Guarding Lebron, Wade, Kobe all while knocking down huge shots.. Sort of a Tony Allen with a better shot.. Danny let’s close our eyes for this last run and open the wallet a lil bit and make it happen.. Green always or kick rocks

  • Glad to hear he’ll be okay, or should be.
    Terrible timing as far as the C’s are concerned though. Posey might fit the bill, but he’s not the same guy he was 3 years ago. Stevenson is a guard for one thing, and the only place he can guard Lebron is in his own delusional dreams.

  • Best wishes for the surgery and recovery Jeff. I was looking forward to seeing him play this year. Now I’m just thankful that he’s expected that he’ll return to full health and will play the game he loves again.
    Any chance for Redd? Shift Quis to SF? I like DeShawn idea…

  • From the fan perspective – if this is our biggest setback, we still have hope. It’s not like we’re the Raptcats.
    I hope Jeff gets the best care and fully recovers. I don’t think we’re going to find a replacement, but I’m not exactly longing for Perkins either.
    I hope the Bulls beat the Heat in the conference finals. Then again DWade is probably due for an injury, so we just might sneak in there.

  • Green was brought in to guard the likes of LeBum, Dwade and any other opposing 2’s or 3’s. He is long and athletic enough to guard the 4 but this is not his natural position. The Celts have enough bodies to gang tackle the 4 position. The 2 and the 3 is where we can get hurt in the playoffs. Lebron, Wade, Melo and now Rip Hamilton.. Deshawn would be great fit for this reason and it would help Ray and Paul conserve some energy. And Stevenson is a 3 point threat.

  • Travis Outlaw is being amnestied….he could be a decent candidate to replace JG.

  • claimed on waivers by Sacramento