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Get well soon Jeff

KWAPT (@KWAPT) December 17, 2011 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Get well soon Jeff

We're all thinking of Jeff Green here at Red'sArmy and wish him a speedy and healthy recovery. Here's a pic of him and my friend Lisa from last season. Jeff always takes time to stop and sign for fans as well as take pics during pregame at the Garden. Definitely a humble and down-to-earth guy. You can send Jeff your own well-wishes via his Twitter account. Here's his Media Day interview courtesy of Trags.

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  • Absolutely!

  • Get well Jeff.
    A previous thread brought out a bunch of ideas for replacements. Stevenson is a good one and has defended Prince James well. The more shutdown defenders, the better, but remember, Quisy is back and he’s an excellent defender, particularly of the likes of the Prince, completely disrupts him. The Cs need a true low post banger. KG plays 17 feet away a lot. JO plays 10 feet away a lot. Whatever Shaq’s faults, he anchored his height and girth no farther than 5 feet away and occupied that space and 1 or 2 opponents at all times. Erden stayed near the rim and was pretty deft around there; wish the Cs could have kept him. Really it was Krstic who should have been the guy. He had the size and the skills, but obviously lacked something (besides defense). Very disappointing. Anyway, point is I hope this Stiemsma guy turns into something useful. And yeah a versatile defender who also can nail the dagger 3s? Sure would be nice. For the vet’s min? I guess we will see.