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Shocker: Ray Allen wants to play a few more years

Ray Allen addressed his age and future during an interview this morning on WEEI:

"I don't feel older," he said. "The only time I feel older is based on outside pressure from the younger guys that come in the organization. You see guys that are 22 years old coming in and they have so much energy. It's interesting when they say they're tired. Because I don't get tired now. You just know how to manage your body, prepare, get in the gym early enough so you can be ready for practice. When I was younger, I never had to do that. They're there now, but I'm trying to get them to where they start understanding how to prepare."

On his NBA future: "When I decide to stop playing, it won't be because of me. I think it will be more because of my circumstances. … Obviously, for one, if I'm not here anymore, that's a huge deterrent. You end up having to play somewhere that's not to the standards of where I've been in here for these last four or five years. Physically, I'm in a great place. So, I don't worry about that at all. But again, there's so many unforeseen circumstances that can take place that can cause me to say it's time for me to hang it up."

On re-signing with the Celtics when his contract expires after this season: "Am I thinking about it? Yeah, of course I'm thinking about it. I don't need or want to go anywhere. But we've got to get the rally hats going so we can sign that new deal. That's a Danny Ainge question. But of course I'd love to continue to be here."

I'd love to have Ray back for another year or two. Imagine him as a 6th man. Same goes for KG. Of course, both must be willing to accept huge pay cuts. Maybe 1-2 year deals in the $3 million range. They'd be great roles players and would help mentor any young, marquee free agents the Celtics sign.

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  • Let’s see how he’s doing once play actually starts. However, if he has a year like he did last season, I’d be perfectly ok signing him on for another two years at about $4 million per. I think KG is the bigger question mark of the two.

  • The Howard trade hubbub of late bothered me because, as pipe dream as it might be, I’m hoping both KG and Ray are willing to take huge cuts (made PLENTY of moeny, only care about titles now) and the C’s can land Dwight. How beautiful would that team be? Defensively, they’d be historic. Then you give Rondo another and even better alley-oop partner? I’m practically giddy just thinking about that roster. Sure, 2/5th of the lineup are awful FT shooters, but would that really matter? If KG and Ray re-upped for 2 years, wouldn’t banners be practically guaranteed in 2013 and 2014?

  • i agree but D12 is searching for ways to go to the Nets maybe if we can get DWill then D12 will come too or DA and Doc talk to him which I think they already did last all star games.