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Jeff Green’s condition: procedure vs. medication?

Jeff green practice
We're all still waiting for official word on Jeff Green, but you don't wait this long in silence and secrecy for something that's no big deal.  And according to the Herald's Steve Bulpett, this is pretty serious.

Green has been held out of practices since problems showed up on his physical last week. The 25-year-old has said the trouble was detected during a stress test, which would likely indicate a heart issue, but he has not expanded on the matter and declined comment yesterday as he shot around before the team’s workout.

According to sources close to Green, his health is expected to be fine in the long run, but there is a question now as to how long it will take to get him there. The Celtics are said to be concerned on both fronts.

Physicians are still dealing with test results, and it will be determined whether Green needs to undergo a procedure or if his condition can be controlled with medication.

First and foremost, a person's health is at risk and we need to respect that.  We don't need something tragic happening again, so if it's a serious issue, it has to be handled carefully. 

Beyond that, as far as basketball is concerned, the Celtics are stuck if he's out for an extended period of time or the full season.  Even IF they void his contract, the C's are over the cap and luxury tax.  The only thing they'd see is a reduction in the tax payment, still only leaving minimum contracts as tools to fill the void. 

The team should announce to the findings of his tests this afternoon.  Let's hope for the best for Jeff. 

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  • So is it a heart condition, or is it just suggested to be a heart condition? I have my fingers crossed that it was all just gas.

  • At this point, I just hope the kid is ok and that he can play ball later. Not so that the Celtics will be better, just so that he doesn’t have to end his career/life-long dream of being an NBA player.

  • Could you fill us in on what options may be available according to the new CBA if Green’s condition is season ending?
    From what I understand they may be able to use half of his $9m salary to sign another player. It doesn’t appear they would be able to go after Dalembert (in that $9m price range) or even claim a guy like T. Outlaw who was waived.
    I was curious to see how Green and Bass catch-and-shoot off screens. By design they wanted more perimeter scoring from the big’s, which is why they pushed for D. West. Quis will plug a hole, but he’s more a of cutter not a jump shooter and they never addressed a backup for Ray who can create his own offense. Could M. Redd (Indy/NY interested) be an option and would he sign at the vet. minimum?
    The curse of Perk is looming large.

  • The Celtics clearly have a “Maryland Curse”!
    They should NEVER sign any player who was born in Maryland.
    It has always ended in disaster.
    Jeff Green
    Reggie Lewis
    Len Bias
    Joseph Forte
    Delonte West {sorry, but he was injury prone & crazy}

  • Unfortunately I’m the worst guy to ask about the new CBA. I have no clue. I do know however that the Celtics have been looking at Michael Redd and despite his horrendous injury history, the C’s will have no choice but to grab the best possible option out there. At this point we can speculate all we want, but everything has come to a screeching halt until the C’s announce the results of Jeff’s tests this afternoon.

  • Hoping for the best … NY papers say Kincks are looking at Maruice Evans and has to be at the vet. minimum. Redd isn't a bad risk at that price -:))