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Doc Rivers needs to be a master manager of rest

The (basketball ignorant) duo of Dennis & Callahan interviewed Doc Rivers this morning on WEEI. Here's what Doc had to say about the compact schedule, the bench and minutes:

"Listen, the last four years we started out great," said Rivers. "I think if they had stopped the season after 30 games we'd have won four championships in a row. Unfortunately, we don't, and so the first thought for us going into the season is that we have to finish the season. Obviously, what's happened is injuries. We get into a season and injuries happen and we can't finish the year. Last year was a great example of that, we just didn't finish the year. So with 66 games, the only thought going in is that you are going to need more guys to play, you're going to have to deeper into your rotation and then every single coach is going to have to be a master manager of rest and time."

Managing minutes has never been Doc's strength. He preaches incessantly about reducing the workload on the Big 3, but their minutes played haven't changed much since 2007-08. As John wrote this morning, bench trust has been an issue.

Would you rather have a rested Celtics team enter the playoffs as a 6th seed, or a fatigued team as the 3rd seed?

Click here for the audio.

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  • band aides and temporary patches never get things done. it’s time to let the ego’s go, scrap the season and rebuild for the next dynasty.

  • Clearly a rested 6th seed, though it’s never that b & w. I think they get through the regular season with as much balance of rest and ‘practice’ as they can with each game. Once they secure an 8th seed, go cruise control and treat each game like a practice. Make sure you are developing in each game, but be conservative.
    Then once the playoffs hit, hopefully they’ve ‘practiced’ enough and they have a strong chance to compete. Are they the favorites in Vegas? Not at all. But I could definitely see them making a lot of waves in the playoffs and who knows from there.

  • Naturally we’ll take health over home court, but there’s no telling who might breakdown in a more condensed schedule with all these back to backs. That eight-game West Coast trip will almost certainly force Doc to stagger and sit one or more of Big 3 and certinly JO if he’s still mobile at that point. On WEEI Rondo talked about staying healthy and already he’s nursing a twisted ankle. The veterans may be in good shape, but full court, 4 games a week, is quite another thing.
    We also have the ambiguity of JG’s health to consider. But overall the ancillary components are physically sound players, and that wasn’t the case with Shaq or D. West. Plus they can play multiple positions. We seem to be deep enough at the 4 and I like the idea of 5-5-5 for KG, which should enable him to keep his offensive rhythm late in games.
    This team simply cannot compete without KG, and I worry about RR who plays a lot like AI. If he can master that 16-22ft shot it might perserve him for the post season.

  • Forget about the Big 3 {Pierce is the “baby” at age 34}…the lack of a healthy, legitimate center…Jeff Green`s mysterious ailment, etc.
    Look at the Celtics schedule
    Number of back-to-backs : 20 times
    Two week stretch {April 4-April 18} : 11 games!!!