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Jeff Green situation is a “big concern”

Jeff Green missed another practice today. According to the Globe's Gary Washburn, Doc Rivers believes the situation is a big concern.

It didn't appear to be a big deal yesterday when Green said that he does not have a heart condition and speculated fatigue was to blame. Danny Ainge said the Celtics were just being overly cautious. 

Could it be mono?

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  • $10 says he has a big Herpes sore on his dingly, and he can’t run because it makes it sore.

  • Mono sounds right.

  • Missing 2 practices is what, 30% of camp this year? He surely factors to eat a lot of minutes, especially with a pre-season game this weekend, he and Quisy have the most experience in the system of anyone on the bench. Yes that would be a concern. Doc also talked about basketball shape, and in an abbreviated camp each session is much more important.

  • How long would mono put him out? Doesn’t it enlarge your spleen?
    On the other hand if Danno’s right, slip him a valtrex and let him suit up.

  • At the risk of being a “Debbie Downer” :
    Jeff Green was born in Maryland…as was Len Bias and Reggie Lewis.

  • If its not one thing with this guy, its another.

  • Between Shaq and KG over the last few seasons, I’ve become numb to this stuff. I don’t believe anything I hear and when I see the guy on the court, I know he’s healthy again. No sense in worrying over sh*t I can do nothing about..