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Your Morning Dump… How the Lakers screwed the Celtics out of David West

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Celts fell out of the David West running when the New Orleans Hornets couldn’t find a place to send Jermaine O’Neal (Lamar Odom going from the Los Angeles Kings to the Dallas Mavericks got in the way). New Orleans was looking for a another trade partner, but the Indiana Pacers stepped in with a two-year, $20 million deal for West, who received much more annually than the C’s were offering.

Besides, the Hornets have a bigger issue on their plate in the form of Chris Paul. New Orleans was reportedly looking to the Los Angeles Clippers yesterday for a deal, but the Celts could still get back in the running for the guard according to two sources.

Herald – David West changing direction

It appears the Hornets were going to move Jermaine O’Neal to the Dallas Mavericks, but when the Lakers dangled a disgruntled Lamar Odom, Mark Cuban bailed on New Orleans. The only bright side to this scenario is that Kobe Bryant is pouting once again.

So with David West in Indiana and Chris Paul likely headed to the Clippers, the Celtics roster appears set. I know, you are underwhelmed like me.

Before you start bitching about Danny Ainge, remember this; the Celtics have an $84 million payroll. They are shelling out $14 million in luxury tax dollars. Ainge still has the $3 million mini MLE in his back pocket. 

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On Page 2, Delonte is begging for work.

I don’t think Ainge is going to sign Delonte. He seems content with Keyon Dooling, Avery Bradley and E’Twaun Moore as back-up guards.

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  • Lex

    28-34 wins
    7th or 8th spot

  • You trust the Big Three or you don’t.
    If you do, fine, we have a pretty good team. If you don’t you try to trade Ray or KG and get salary space, otherwise we’re screwed: no Paul, no Howard, no West, no center, no-thing.

  • What most people don’t yet realize is that the breakage of the David West deal was a major bullet dodged. West is hugely overvalued, and was in fact an albatross around the Hornets’ neck last season. Be happy the Cs didn’t get him.
    The bench this year looks like a big improvement over last year. Bass, Wilcox, JJJ, even Stiemsma could all work out very, very well. Quis is great to have back, and Pavlovic is a lot better than most appreciate. This is the first time in a long time that the Cs’ bench hasn’t amounted to a steaming pile of crap.
    So far so good.
    Unfortunately, there is one problem that remains for this team, one that’s unavoidable for at least another year: The Core Four. That’s three aging stars + one PG with suspect limbs, brittle emotions, and no jumper. RR is ALREADY down with a sprained ankle. PP is ALREADY out with a “sore heel” (whatever that is). KG is KG — he goes down like clockwork every year around January… i.e., right about now. (You know the drill… he disappears for a month or more after some “injury” nobody sees. It’s happened 4 years in a row… and counting.) Ray Ray’s the one soldier in the bunch…. as consummate a pro as you’ll find anywhere.
    But there’s no escaping the remaining Core Four problems. Chris Paul would have helped, a bit, but with only part of the problem. The rest must wait for next year, when the geezers’ ridiculously bloated salaries finally come off the books.
    The Cs have a shot this year, yes, but I would characterize it as “long.”

  • No idea why we don’t sign west. Get Reggie Evans as a backup big for minimum and give Delonte the MLE, he’s worth it. Avery Bradley is raw as hell, and I don’t see Moore being any better this year. For £3m why not, Delonte was one of our best players when he was healthy, great character too.

  • Man, I am so sick of all the negative nancy’s posting on all the Celtics sites. Games are won on the court, not paper. The season is starting. Get excited, get jacked, or fuck off.

  • KY C’s Fan – I hear you. I want to be excited for the season too. But You have to realize – WE have NO Center. J.O. will be good for maybe 5-6 games before his knees give out again, and there’s NO ONE behind him. Sure, at PF we’re all set with KG, Bass, Wilcox. and Jeff Green can swing between PF and SF. We have a solid PG rotation with Rondo and Dooling. I don’t know that I trust Avery Bradley to be Ray’s only backup.
    So no Center at all, and No real backup for Ray. At best, with all the back-to-backs, and back-to-back-to-backs, we’ll be lucky with the 6th or 7th seed. We’ll get bounced in the first round by the Knicks, because they DO have a Center.
    I would have rathered have no Basketball at all, and let Danny blow it all up after a full locked out season, than watch this aging, steaming pile of crap get everyone excited for the first 3 weeks, then take a dump on the rest of the season and get ousted by a divisional rival.
    Had we Landed West, or CP3, I would have liked our chances much better because – they’re vastly more talented and YOUNGER, and they would have lured better free agents and trades than what our current team can.

  • It`s beginning to look a lot like….2006
    What happened to all those FA`s just dying to play for Doc Rivers?

  • West plays that 3-4 tweener as good as anyone in the league and adding him to the roster would have meant Jeff Green could slide back into the SF spot.
    Signing Green for $9m is moot … it’s all about the length of the contract. The goal of bringing him back without an extended commitment was achieved and that’s why he was paid a little more. In a few months his expiring contract along with JO could be moved.
    But with Bass, Green still can be featured exclusively at the 3, which means Quis could back up Ray. Despite not having an offensive weapon who can create off the dribble that potential lineup shuffling of West, KG, Bass and Green would have opened the floor for Rondo off those pick and pops. Spacing with perimeter scores (KG + Bass) and defenders (Quis + Sahsa) are the key to beating Miami. I think they need one more shooter or a 2 guard who can fill it up.
    Yes, Danny struck out swinging for the fences, but he did have a very solid week rounding out the bench and he does have the mini-mle and JO’s expiring contract in his back pocket.
    Reportedly Kaman, another deadly perimeter shooter, will be part of the CP3 deal, so maybe it’s time to consider J. Smoove. Would the Hawks trade him for JO’s expiring contract, J. Johnson (still unsigned), AB or perhaps two #1’s? Smith is owed roughly about $26m for two years and would be a force with RR.

  • The majority of this dooming and grooming is centered around the fact that the Knicks got better. That’s true but there is a reason why you play the games… Anything could happen. New York doesn’t have any semblance of a point guard. Chandler is also injury prone so he may not have the impact he had last year. Sure missing out on West hurts but consider what DA was trying to do to get him. It’s like trading an old 27 inch CRT for a 40 inch HDTV then feeling all sour when that doesn’t happen. It was a pipe dream that nearly became reality.
    As a basketball and Celtics fan I’m so glad this season is saved and am fascinated what will happen this year and next Summer. The familiarity with each other and this system will take this team much further this year. I for one can’t wait till Christmas…

  • How bout you fuck off?

  • I love it that we had ten million to spend on Jeff Green, but not to spend on David West, even though what we desperately need is BIGS. And why do we need Bigs so badly? Oh wait, we aren’t supposed to say anything bad about horrible Danny moves that got us here. Right. And heaven forbid we spend any of that 9 million we spent on Green on Delonte. HEAVEN FORBID.
    No, because the one thing that total fool Danny HAS TO DO is re-sign Green, no matter what, because not to do so would be to admit that he made a mistake, and we certainly can never have that.

  • I guess as long as you use labels like “swinging for the fences”, and “bold” and “daring” everytime danny loses his mind chasing some shiny bauble that turns out to be a soap bubble, I guess he can be as big a genius as you want to imagine he is.
    What I see is a troubled soul who has no idea what his real strengths and weaknesses are. Danny shines when he does deals like the Baby for Bass deal. It’s modest, but carefully thought out and emotionally mature. Two guys who need a restart get one, and it seems likely to help both teams.
    But no, you all would rather have Danny searching out every possible Big BlockBuster Deal!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you have no idea how the CBA works, then don’t go spouting off about contracts. What we can spend on a RFA vs a FA is huge. And its been widely reported that West not coming to Boston had nothing to do with money, it had to do with moving JO.
    If all you can do is bitch, then why even pay attention? You’ve obviously already made up your mind about this team, so do yourself a personal favor, save the heartache, and check out for the season. Get a hobby, watch the Bruins, adopt a puppy, but leave the Celtics for people who actually enjoy and believe in the team.

  • I don't think you can call the West trade a block buster, but you're right about the CP3 deal. No, I agree the Bass move, though not exciting, will be an upgrade. But deficiencies remain and I don't see how Brewer or Fernandez or another lateral move helps in that regard. If we agree that Miami is the prohibited favorite to win the east you'll need more offensive firepower to beat them. With all due respect Sasha, Quis and Dooling do not fit that criteria. J. Smith does, and so would Kamen now that the Clips killed the CP3 deal. But it's probably a long shot without having JG's expiring 9m contract for trade bait because it's hard to imagine any team taking JO since the Hornets weren't able to find a buyer. Then again the RR/CP3 deal could heat up again … although I'm fine with RR. Just don't see Danny sitting on the sidelines because the roster is playoff worthy, but questionable when you're talking title contenders.

  • You do understand, of course, that what Danny offered David West was the maximum amount allowed by the CBA in a sign and trade, right?
    And you do understand that different rules applied to the Jeff Green signing. Green was the Celtics own free agent, which meant the C’s could have given him a lot more by using Bird rights?
    It’s fine if you don’t like Danny’s moves. You don’t have to like them. But don’t criticize the guy for things that are beyond his control. The C’s are over the cap, Indiana is under the cap…. so they could offer more than the C’s. Danny offered the most he could for West

  • Exactly. Virtual high five to our fearless leader!