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So after all that, here’s how the Celtics roster looks

There have been so many rumors over the past few days, it's extremely difficult to keep track of what the Celtics actually have.  Here, with an assist from Chris Forsberg, is a look at the current Boston Celtics roster:

Point guards: Rajon Rondo, Keyon Dooling 
Shooting guards: Ray Allen, Avery Bradley, E'Twaun Moore 
Small forwards: Paul Pierce, Jeff Green, Marquis Daniels, Sasha Pavlovic 
Power forwards: Kevin Garnett, Brandon Bass, Chris Wilcox, JaJuan Johnson 
Centers: Jermaine O'Neal, Greg Stiemsma 

Follow that link for a contract breakdown.  But the short story is that roster costs the Celtics $84 million.  The luxury tax line is a little more than $70.3 million.  So the Celtics are paying about $14 million in luxury taxes so far.

The Celtics have 15 players currently on the roster, but they can easily waive minimum wage deals to add a player. The Celtics also currently have the $3 million mid level exception at their disposal, which they could use, or could hold on to. 

(Chris Wilcox, per Paul Flannery, got the MLE.  In the following paragraph, replace $3 million or MLE with veteran minimum)

Remember, there are three players currently playing in China:  Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith and Wilson Chandler, all of whom will become available in March when the Chinese season ends.  Smith and Martin are unrestricted.  If the Celtics want to hold on to the $3 million, they could try to make a play for Kenyon Martin for front court depth or Smith if they need scoring depth.  If the C's are a top 3 seed, they might be able to convince one of those guys to hop aboard the train for the rest of the season for a chance at a ring. 

As for the current roster, we're looking at a front court rotation of KG, Jermaine O'Neal, Chris Wilcox and Brandon Bass.  On the wings, we'll have Pierce and Allen along with Marquis Daniels and Jeff Green and Rajon Rondo and Keyon Dooling will handle the point guard duties.  That's a 10-man rotation.  JaJuan Johnson, E'Twaun Moore, Avery Bradley and Sasha Pavolvic will occasionally see time as well in the middle of particularly tough grinds. 

One thing to note:  the NBA has expanded the active roster from 12 to 13 over the first couple of months, so that means more guys in uniform to start the season.  

That's the roster as it stands.  What do you guys think?

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  • Lex


  • I think they still have a pretty good chance! The only thing….we might want another Center at least. That’s what hurt them last year and this year it’s an area we really need to focus on building on. That’s about it!! Can’t wait for Sunday 🙂


  • Who are all these shmucks? This roster is not inspiring me with a ton of confidence.

  • I’ve never heard of half of these guys and the ones I do know are way past their prime.

  • Ricky Vaughn? Willie Hays? I haven’t heard most of them. Mitchell Freidman?