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Kevin Garnett was chased by wolves at midnight in Chicago

Kg anta story

Kevin Garnett is doing something new with Anta that I'd try to explain, but would really rather not risk blowing every fuse in my brain.  

Follow this link to a new video ad for Anta sneakers featuring KG, Luis Scola, and a couple of guys who are apparently famous in China.  Click on the KG picture underneath and you get a "life story" that includes this:

I want to tell you a story you've never heard before.  When I step on the court, the past always flashes in my mind.  It was midnight, and I was all alone on the streets of Chicago, surrounded by the unknown hidden in the darkness.  There were giant men eating flowers waiting to strike at me, and I could feel I was followed.  And in the distance, I could hear wolves howling.  When I turned my head, I saw a pack of wolves running right towards me.  I couldn't help but start running for my life. 

Giant men eating flowers?  A pack of wolves roaming the streets of Chicago at midnight?  Are you sure YOU weren't eating those "flowers" there, KG? 

Maybe we should keep this story away from the NBA drug testers.  Just reading this might lead to a positive test. 

via Celtkicks

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  • I knew the shortened pre-season would generate some whacky trade rumors and stories… but WTF?
    What’s up with not pursuing Delonte? That seemed like a no-brainer to me given his familiarity with the team and how hungry he is.

  • That was actually a pretty sweet commercial, despite the fact I have no idea what they were saying.
    Highlighted by Scola brushing his hair behind his ear. He’s so intense.

  • This is part of Anta’s release of 4 new sneakers. The other 2 players both play in the CBA. (Chinese Basketball Association) Jess Camerato did a piece about it on Friday:

  • Maybe it’s just a bad translation. Or maybe daffodils is a delicacy in Chicago.