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Big Baby and Perk: The Slim Fast twins


A lean Glen Davis fulfilling his media duties for the Orlando Magic. I guess Glen didn't gorge himself during the lockout as some of us feared. (image courtesy @joshrobbins)

Speaking of weight loss, check out the picture of Kendrick Perkins after the jump. He dropped 32 pounds.


Damn. How can Perk be an enforcer looking like Manute Bol?

(image courtesy swag bomb)

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  • Watch Davis have a breakout year and get MIP….

  • perk hasn’t been that skinny since middle school. we drafted him at 280+.. btw how many years did clifford ray work 1-1 w/him? thanks again danny!

  • BBD would have won it last year if it wan’t for his 2nd half collapse.

  • BBD looks good. Perk looks sickly. He looked a lot more scary when he was bigger. That scowl of his won’t be as impressive.

  • Oprah got skinny afew years back too, how’d that work out?

  • BEST comment I’ve heard in a while.

  • Indeed..he was on quite the tear early-on.