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Blatant speculation: Jermaine O’Neal for Rudy Fernandez, Corey Brewer

Mark Cuban is reportedly trying to shed some salaries from the Mavs roster. Two names that popped up on Twitter this morning – Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer.

It didn't take long for the ingenious Paul Flannery to speculate about a potential deal involving the Celtics and Jermaine O'Neal.

Rudy and Brewer are two guys that have repeatedly popped up on Danny Ainge's wish list. New Orleans was going to ship JO to Dallas as part of the David West deal. But that blew up once Dallas acquired Lamar Odom. While acquiring JO wouldn't qualify as a salary dump, Dallas still needs a big man to back-up Brendan Haywood.

I wouldn't mind seeing Fernandez and Brewer as back-up wings on the Celtics. But the prospect of removing Jermaine O'Neal from an already thin front court is frightening.

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  • You don’t want Rudy. Sniveling, pouting, flopping, non defensive wing who thinks he’s better than he is. Rudy= Vlad Radmonivic

  • I would trade JO for Fernandez and Brewer. They could compete against each other to slide in behind Ray, and could even play alongside each other if/when Green slides to the 4 when the bench is playing. If we were to trade JO, however, the mini-MLE would have to be spent on a center to replace him. The best available, in my opinion, is Kwame Brown. No one is asking him to play offense; all we need is a body to fill the lane and give 6 hard fouls a game. Also, people seem to overlook the fact that Kwame had a better statistical season last year than JO did, and he did it in Charlotte with DJ Augustine running the point. He also played in 66 games, which is just about triple the number of games that JO played in (I think 26?). Having Rondo, and playing alongside KG PP and Ray-Ray, would only make him better. I only trade JO if I know that we can sign someone to take his spot. Depth chart: PG- RR, Keyon, Avery, Moore. SG- Ray, Brewer, Fernandez. SF- PP, Green, Pavlovic. PF- KG, Bass, Johnson. C-Kwame, Wilcox, Stiemsma. I’d take that over the current roster… would you?

  • I thought Dallas’ motivation for getting rid of Brewer and Rudy was to shed salary. If so, they’d want trade exceptions, not taking back salary.

  • Why are they stockpiling swing men when the only two bigs on the roster are JO and KG? At this point I think the smart play is to hang onto JO unless a true center gets signed. Was willing to go centerless for David West, not scrubs (and I like Rudy when he shuts up and plays).

  • Um… If Dallas wanted to save money why move that exemption for Kloe Odem? JO would give them relief in the form of an expiring contract and would fill an immediate need at back up C for them. I say get Kwame at mini MLE then wait for trade deadline being able to dangle a TON of expiring contracts and the Clippers pick for a young stud.

  • Cuban’s making a bad move if he lets go of Fernandez and Brewer for JO. that would be downright foolish. JO is way past his prime and it was stupid of the Celtic to use the FULL MLE on his decripid a$$.
    Rudy and Corey are two quality players the Mavs can build on for the future. Rudy will definately step in to replace caron Butler’s production and in Brewer, I can literally see “the next Scottie Pippen.” He’s an excellent defender and can run an offense and play off the ball as well. Hopefully,his coach and GM will see that.

  • Lee you are right. stupid trade and let’s bring back D west enough already Rudy and Cory are not good
    what do we have now as a roster shapes up ?
    Green (please trade him)
    and the 2 rooks right
    am i missing anyone?
    Why not D west, Dooling is old and AB realy really sucks like Gabe Pruitt

  • There’s always a threat of Rudy bolting for Europe especially next season where a qualifying offer needs to be made. Brewer has great defensive skills, but with Green returning to his natural SF spot, Quis and Sasha in the mix … where are the minutes coming from? A better scorer like Carl Landry could be available for the mini-mle. Neither Brewer or Rudy create their own offense.
    You never know, which 2 guard may fall through the cracks either. NYK are pursing Crawford who may be inclined to sign for the nini-mle. M. Redd is out there, which could be a value for the mm providing he’s healthy.
    C’s need more scoring on the perimeter. Better to stand pat with JO/Wilcox. Package him at the trade deadline for perhaps Big Al or Josh Smith.

  • Rudy is a winner.

  • Uh what evidence of him being a winner do you have?

  • Is it really a loss if O’Neal is gonna miss 30-40% of the season?

  • Exactly as I said would happen yesterday. Dallas does it to shed money. Now they have a ton of space for 2012.