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Pacers making progress on deal for David West


UPDATE: David Aldridge reports the deal is dead. 


And if you are looking for more bad news, Sherrod Blakely says Rajon Rondo didn’t finish practice today due to a minor ankle sprain.

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  • But thankfully we have Jeff Green for 9 million dollars that we could have spent on Kendrick Perkins and actually had ourselves a center.

  • Come to Boston Mr West. You can be in the title hunt right now then a main component to having Howard saying “yes” next Summer! Or go to a team that is another NOLA only in Indiana.
    I can understand fully taking the $$ though…

  • That’s only a million less per year, why would he go to the Pacers over a contender?

  • and they’re about to get oj mayo g’damn it

  • Because NO was unable to move Jermaine O’Neal’s contract. Hornets were never going to keep JO.