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Chris Paul to Lakers deal falls apart. Here come the Rondo rumors again

So this happened again:

The Los Angeles Lakers have pulled out of the three-team deal with New Orleans and Houston that would have landed Chris Paul in L.A., according to sources close to the talks.

The reason for the Lakers' withdrawal was not immediately known.

Which means this is happening again



Let's start with the Lakers deal.  This is why a league shouldn't own a team.  Now there are conspiracy theories that Marc Cuban vehemently opposed the deal so he could swoop in and steal Lamar Odom with the trade exception he got from the Tyson Chandler sign-and-trade.  It seem plausible enough… so get ready for a whole lot of that.  

As for the Celtics… Danny wants Chris Paul, so the rumors will continue to swirl.  Though, as I was just asked on Twitter, you have to wonder at what point the Celtics say "this is our team…. end of story."  

Knowing Danny… that won't happen.  If he can swing a deal to make the team better, he'll do it.  My question now is… did the deal for Jeff Green alter the deal New Orleans was offered?  It included a sign and trade for Jeff Green… but Green is now signed for $9 million.  Is that too much for the Hornets now?

**Update:  As Paul Flannery reminded me, you can't trade a player for 2 months after you sign him.  

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  • Danny is a tenacious sob. He never bit anybody, but he did once smash Mario Ellie in the face with the ball at the end of a playoff loss. I like him better as an executive, and I’m glad he’s working for the C’s. Keep it going Danny!

  • Have to assume LA lost interest in Paul….once they were granted permission to talk trade with Orlando for Howard.

  • Wonder if Danny will try to get both Paul and West for Rondo/J Oneal/Rookie/Pick. Talk about a huge deal, is it possible financially?

  • Danny “GM`s” the exact same way he played….fearless, aggressive, relentless

  • I love the way airheads like you guys here at Redsarmy call it a DEMON CONSPIRACY THEORY, when people make the obvious connections. It seems patently obvious that the league is doling out NOLA players to key markets.

  • Ainge wasn’t exactly a great player, by the way. He was good enough for a team that had four other superstars, which makes it quite ironic that he seems to view Rondo as someone who would is worthless without the Big Three.
    You confuse being a jerk and a reckless gambler with being ‘daring’ and ‘tenacious’ and smart.

  • That’s what almost has to be in the works. Why on earth would NOLA trade West for basically next to nothing? And isn’t it weird that suddenly Danny has untold millions to throw around, even at marginal players like Green?

  • boston still need to add more players. most likely a third team. i hope they can do it we will get 5 players scoring double digits if it happens.

  • Never said Ainge was a “great” player…I was merely referring to his “personality traits”.
    Besides, since Ainge was once surrounded by Hall Of Fame teammates as a player…who better than he can evaluate Rondo`s true worth?