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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo’s all grow’d up

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"You (media) guys may have heard the rumors, and they might have been true," Rondo said. "He (Danny Ainge, Boston's president of basketball operations) may have been shopping me."

But conversations with Ainge and Celtics head coach Doc Rivers helped put Rondo's mind at ease regarding the trade talk.

"I talked to both of those guys about a week ago," Rondo said. "They were straight-up with me, honest. Teams were calling. I don't think they were trying to intentionally ship me. But obviously, you have to entertain the calls. He (Ainge) told me he wanted me here, and I'm still here."

CSNNE:  Rondo putting rumors to bed

A lot of things have been said about Rajon Rondo lately.  And I'll admit, a lot of them have been true in the past.  But yesterday, Rajon Rondo handled himself with poise and professionalism when addressing the media about all the trade rumors circulating over the past couple of weeks. 

So let it be known unequivocally, there is ZERO effect on his personality.  The trade rumors have NOT messed with his head.  He is NOT going into a funk because Danny discussed him for Chris Paul.  

Digest that last paragraph.  Commit it to memory.  Because I guarantee someone will bring it up the first bad game he has.  But you can go to anyone who was there yesterday and they'll tell you the same thing:  not only was Rajon Rondo seemingly unaffected by the rumors, it almost feel like he's a new man.  

So props to Rajon for continuing his progression and continuing to grow.  I'm excited to see how this translates on the court.  I'm genuinely excited.

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On Page 2:  The David West deal appears to be dead

Ainge, known for his blockbuster moves, nearly pulled off another one last night when he reportedly came close to signing pricey free agent David West. It was unclear whether he attempted to use restricted free agent Jeff Green in a sign-and-trade to make the deal for West possible.

“They’re out of that race, but they did try,” said a league source.

Herald:  Marquis Daniels back even better

I seriously would have built an altar to our God Danny Ainge if he pulled this off.  David freaking West??  I know he's coming off ACL surgery but so what?  ACL surgery is nothing anymore.  It's damn near routine surgery these days.  

And I'm still not 100% sure the Celtics are out of the running yet.  Actually, I'm not 100% sure of anything anymore… so we'll see how this plays out.

As it is, Danny has done a pretty damn good job re-building this team's bench with almost nothing at his disposal.  He basically traded injured Marquis Daniels for healthy Marquis Daniels and Keyon Dooling (using the trade exception and 2nd round pick they got for him).  He turned Glen Davis into Brandon Bass.  he brought Jeff Green back on a one-year deal.  And Chris Wilcox is a nice addition.  And the C's still have room to get more.  

It's like giving a guy $10 and tell him "go to the supermarket and get enough to feed your whole family"… and then having the guy come home with a turkey dinner.  I don't know how he did it, but he's done a great job so far.   

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  • no more david west?! crap!

  • It’s nice to have ex-players like Doc and Danny put things into proper perspective for Rondo who may be feeling unloved. But the facts are his contract has enormus trade value. Hopefully he uses this as a motivational tool and starts improving his half court game. Bass, a good 16-22ft shooter, should help off the high screen pick and pop. Now if Danny is able to find a third team to take JO’s expiring contract it may return David West. West and Bass would give RR a pair of potent jump shooting options, which will open those driving lanes for him and a slashing JG. It appears Danny is not going the cookie cutter route. He covets perimeter big’s who can space the floor and knock down shots vs. trading for big bodies as he did a year ago. Miami is going to play high level small ball and the Bulls are extremely athletic. If he can pull off the trade without dealing Jeff Green we would have the personnel to match both teams on the perimeter.

  • Poo. I wanted David West. However, the news I saw had us sending JO for him, which would be weird because then we would have 4 PFs and no C. But still, David West would have been awesome.

  • read the next rumor that it is not yet dead but i’d rather wait if he signed or not.

  • I was talking about rondo to somebody else and I want to know if anyone agrees with what I am saying, also if you do agree then do you think its more the coach’s fault or rondo’s fault but here’s what I said
    His shooting skills is one thing. I’ve watched alot of the celtic games over the past few years and the key to rondo’s game is speed and quinckenss with in all aspects of his game specially in transition and especially attacking the hoop. The problem however with him is that he great in transition but he is constantly slowing down the offense when he recieves the ball and walks the ball up the court wasting precious shot clock and letting other defenses get set.Even tommy heinsohn during games will point out how rondo slows down the ball and walks it up when he should just get the ball sprint down the court attack. Rondo’s best assest is attacking the hoop, however if he refueses to finish where in the last few years he’s been getting into funks of passing it off instead of finishing strong at the hoop there’s really no reason for team’s to defend him. This could either be on the coaches for not correcting the problems or rondo for being stubborn I don’t know. Anyway by not defending him he put’s all the other players job that much harder by having an extra defender on them while also not getting free because rondo never demands double teams. These problems I would much rather fix because there much easier fixes than his shooting skill which is obviously very bad but giant room for improvement. 3on2 or 2on1 if they are there and actually finish at the hoop ( I know finishing at the hoop is something hard to ask for because he doesn’t shoot foul shots well because so he is timid but it has to be done or else teams will always play the pass).

  • You are not alone. The way Rondo walks the ball up and wastes half the shot clock is what is killing the team’s offense more than anything else. I hope he stops that this year.