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Framework for new Chris Paul to LA deal submitted

This is going to happen somehow.  The league directive is for the Hornets to get younger and more assets… which may mean Andrew Bynum goes in the deal.  If Bynum goes in the deal you can rule out Dwight Howard to the Lakers.  

Woj reports the Rockets end of the deal stays the same… so it's got to be LA's end that changes.

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  • The Lakers can have CP3 at this point. I just don’t want to see them get Howard.

  • I don’t understand how adding Bynum to the deal means Howard won’t end up in LA. Can someone explain that for me.

  • because they’d have to take back another contract, presumably okafor, to trade bynum, odem, and pau; or just substitute bynum for odem in the deal they had. Either way it they takes away the assets to trade for dwight and keeps them from freeing up cap space to sign him.

  • That’s what was bullshit about the first deal, all they had to do to try to get dwight was trade bynum for dwight, or package bynum with all their other bad contracts in a trade to get back nothing but cap space to outright sign dwight

  • I hear ya!
    Getting Paul was to be their “bait” to attract Howard.
    They can have all the “shorties” they want….as long as Howard goes elsewhere, I`m happy!

  • because Orlando will only trade Howard for Bynum. A center for another center.