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David West deal is still alive

This is supposedly Jermaine O'Neal and Sasha Pavolvic for David West.  I'd be amazed if that's the final deal.

David west

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  • Sheed’s jersey sure gets around…..

  • This deal makes sense to Hornets due to the fact that JONeal would be off the books next year. Keeping costs down is always good for a team you wish to sell.The one caveat is it could make the Paul to Lakers trade easier to facilitate but so long a Howard doesn’t go (fingers crossed…) there who cares?!?
    In Danny I trust!

  • i think this is what they are doing because Stern will still veto Paul to Lakers if Hornets will still assume a overly large payroll. I will not be shocked if they shopped Okafor next. Demps will be extremely busy in a few days.
    I hope Danny will also go after Rip Hamilton.

  • Wow, we get a great 6th man, add scoring off the bench and get KG some rest? And don’t have to give up Green? This would be amazing and a much better deal than Rondo for Paul.
    Our bench squad would be: Dooling/Daniels in the back court, David West/Green at forward and whatever the center rotation will be… Wilcox/Bass/Stiemsma/JuJuan Johnson/and that d-leauge 10 day contract center Chris Johnson from last year? (I liked his game) This depth will really help us on the back to back to back games this season.

  • billups is cut, if im miami im on phone with him pleading for a discount

  • West is a clutch, blue-collar guy.
    Not since Posey has a bench acquisition excited me this much.

  • Any way to snatch up Dalembert?

  • but Sasha Pavolvic isn’t on our roster still, is he???

  • Signing Jeff Green for $9 million makes it seem like David West is getting straight up ripped off if this happens.