Celtics will be “aggressive bidders for Dwight Howard” (and West trade tidbits) | Red's Army - The Voice of Boston Celtics Fans
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Celtics will be “aggressive bidders for Dwight Howard” (and West trade tidbits)


Hornets resubmit Paul-to-Lakers deal to league – NBA – Yahoo! Sports via kwout

Well, well, well… that's a new wrinkle.  I wonder what Danny is going to offer for him?  There's no possible way he can do it without giving up one of the Big 4… is there?  

I'll say this, though… I doubt that will happen. 

I think the "Why would the Hornets take Jermaine O'Neal" question is being answered.  They're flipping him somewhere else… probably to a team that could use an expiring deal for cap flexibility.  

Man… is anyone else's head spinning??

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  • So would KG or West start at PF, and who would start at centre?

  • My head is spinning also-yes. I have heard from so many fans, media and players that DHoward and KG absolutely hate each other though. I’d love to see him come here, but man-how much do we have to give-up? I really think Howard goes to LA or Jersey. But at this point, who the hell knows???!?!?

  • I’m saying Chicago gets him.. An offer of Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, and another young player and draft picks? THat would get it done and pair him with Boozer and Rose, damn.

  • I’m not thrilled with the prospect of JaJuan being in the West trade

  • Rondo, Green, West and picks?
    Rondo, Jujuan, West, Bradley and picks?
    Rondo, Green, Jujuan, Bradley and picks?
    Then convince Billups to return to Boston and play with one of his good friends (KG) and have a very legit chance of winning another ring. Billups has already said he will retire if he doesnt go to a contender so obviously money isnt his main concern right now. Why not come to Boston for another ring at a very low price rather than retire?
    Possible starting 5: Billups, Allen, Pierce, Garnett, Howard
    Any thoughts?

  • Celtics will be aggressive bidders for Howard?!?
    When…After LA acquires him for Bynum on Monday morning?

  • It wouldn’t be this year, so we wouldn’t see the “Big 5”, but next year when KG and Ray’s contracts are up and we have some major cash. So if he’s traded and doesn’t sign an extension or stays in Orlando we would have a great shot at getting him. More like Rondo, Pierce, Howard, West and re-sign Ray, KG would probably have to go or take a major pay cut and reduced role.

  • Lakers will move Bynum, Mavs Trade exemption and crap for Howard and a Hedo or some other garbage contract. Howard/Gasol would make a REAL all time front court tandem in conversation with the likes of Duncan/Robinson, Sampson/Hakeem and Parish/McHale. Not that forced comparison of Bynum/Gasol from the ABC telecast last year…

  • Why the Magic would want Bynum is beyond me though. He is NOT young. Every year he goes down with an injury…