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Your Morning Dump… Where David Stern is drunk on power

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“We were all told by the league he was a trade-able player, and now they’re saying that Dell doesn’t have the authority to make the trade?” said an NBA executive who had periodic talks with New Orleans throughout the process. “Now, they’re saying that Dell is an idiot, that he can’t do it his job. [Expletive] this whole thing. David’s drunk on power, and he doesn’t give a [expletive] about the players, and he doesn’t give a [expletive] about the hundreds of hours the teams put in to make that deal.

“How do the Lakers explain this to Odom? How does Houston deal with the guys it just tried to trade? Scola and Martin are going to be pissed at them, and who knows how long that takes to get over? Explain to me how the league kills this Pau Gasol deal, but allows Kwame Brown for Pau Gasol?

“To me, this makes the league feel like it’s rigged, that Stern just does whatever Stern wants to do. He’s messed up the competitive balance of this league a lot worse by killing the deal, because you’ve completely destroyed the planning that New Orleans, Houston did and left them in shambles over this. I’ve never been so discouraged about this league, never so down.

“I mean, come on: Chris Paul is leaving New Orleans in 66 games. He’s gone. And what’s Dell Demps, and that franchise, going to have to show for it?”

Yahoo! – Stern kills Lakers deal for Paul

The diehard Celtics fan in me is thrilled Chris Paul will not be wearing a Lakers jersey. But this situation is a disaster. The bottom line is David Stern – who authority over this personnel move because the NBA owns New Orleans – negated the trade because many owners felt it was unfair. 

The big, bad owners – the guys who shut down the league over the summer and fall in order to dismantle the CBA and install a new one that promoted balance – threw a tantrum. Who led the charge? Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. Read his email to the commissioner.

It's an embarrassing situation. One that will scar the league for more than the lockout. What will come out of this? Chris Paul has to stay in New Orleans. He cannot be traded anywhere. And the biggest lesson learned? The league should NEVER assume ownership of teams. 

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On Page 2, should we be concerned about Rondo's psyche?

Rondo has not spoken to the media since the trade rumors surfaced, but if there is anything that has become clear during his five years in Boston, it’s his sensitivity. Despite brash confidence that has been known to anger opponents, Rondo revels in his insecurity. He remains that unorthodox guard from Kentucky who was begged to stay in school after his sophomore season.

He is the guard few believed was mature and savvy enough lead the Big Three to an NBA title, which he did in 2008. He remains a player who privately pouts over criticism and refuses to acknowledge his glaring weaknesses.

Ainge is going to have to conduct damage control over the next few weeks, because Rondo is going to view him with a crooked eye, wondering what trade scenario is next. Rondo for Stephen Curry? Rondo for Brandon Jennings? Rondo for Jason Kidd?

None of those deals are happening, but Rondo has to enter camp today with a soaring level of doubt as to whether the Celtics truly trust his floor leadership.

Globe – Rondo: Handle with care

This is the most overblown issue in all of these trades and rumors. Yes, Rondo might be annoyed with Danny Ainge. But I guarantee Ray Allen, a sure fire HOFer who's been traded twice, can explain the nature of the business. Same goes for Kevin Garnett. 

What's Rondo's recourse? Is he going to sulk? Or is he going to come out pissed and take out his frustration on the opponent?

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  • Dell is an idiot.
    1} He gives up the BEST player in the trade {Paul}
    2} He gets the WORST player given up by LA {Odom}

  • Lex

    dig this
    the zeppelin reunion gig from 2007 is out on cd.
    Now that’s big!

  • this is a disaster.
    I was actually looking forward to a Celtics VS Lakers. Paul Vs Rondo match up.
    Imagine the intensity for that match up. We are talking 90’s NBA hoops.
    Give me those days back!

  • This is a disaster!
    I was looking forward to the Boston vs LA , Rondo vs Pau.
    Imagine the intensity?
    It’d be like the 90’s NBA hoop days, give me those back!

  • if you read Dan Gilbert’s email the trade was not a fair trade business-wise and basketball-wise. The big loser in this deal is actually the rockets(they lose their 2 best players) and hornets(they will exceed the salary cap and bear a huge luxury tax, for a small market team that is a fast way sink your own ship) while lakers will get another star player, reduced their salary expenditures, luxury-tax expenditures, and had a shot of trading Bynum for Howard now.
    Basically what he is saying is on paper it looks a fair deal but when you scrutinize it closely the deal will not favor the hornets and rockets at all!

  • For someone who aims to legislate competitive balance from the boardroom Stern should have let the deal go through because it favored the small market Hornets. Sure CP3 in purple & gold is a ratings bonanza, but when you deconstruct this deal the Lakers owe Kobe $84m over the next three years, and we know Bymun will never stay healthy as a starting 5. Basically LA would have opened the season with D. Character as the starting 4 and not much else. But there certainly was a path for LA to sign Howard in the off season if they could find a suitor for Bymun. Problem is Odom would have been gone and no one wants Artest’s contract.
    Now the questions are:
    1- Will Danny rescind the most credible offer NO had to comply with his majesty Stern or just take it off the table in the hopes of keeping Rondo’s head on straight?
    2- Is there a mandate ordered by Stern for the Hornets not to move Paul until the trade deadline?
    The irony is many of us felt shafted when the trade was announced, but we’re talking western conference. It would have not disrupted the balanced of power in the East. In fact, Battier (mini-mle signing??) is more of a blow. Miami may have the best small ball team in history and Battier will be a stable force in a locker room filed with prima donnas. Meantime, Chandler to NY is even more devastating since it means Billiups would take a $14m amnesty flyer, which clears the path for the Heat to sign him at the vet. minimum.
    Perhaps the Paul/Rondo deal is off the table, if so I would hope Danny is working behind the scenes to lure J .Smoove to Boston. Reportedly the Hawks have signed Collins and TMAC. Collins plays DH tough and would enable Horford to slide back to his natural position. So a combination of JG/BB, or Green, a #1, TE and AB may be enough to entice Atl. as they would be able to amnesty a horrible Marvin Williams contract.

  • Where was he during the bigger joke of the Gasol trade? Well at least they are beginning to learn that LA has had it easy with players like Shaq going to them for nothing and ridiculous trades in their favor over the years.

  • I agree with you. other teams had to give up a lot to get a player they want. good thing this was stopped, because the way i see it the hornets will just be in another financial trouble if it gone through.

    From Your Boy Bill Simmons. Read up Celtic Fans.