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Bass excited to be a Celtic, Davis signs for $26 million

Tony Dutt, the agent for Brandon Bass, spoke with CSNNE's Sherrod Blakely:

"He's very excited about this opportunity in Boston," his agent Tony Dutt, told "Things didn't go quite like we thought they would in Orlando, but he has no hard feelings towards them. He's looking forward to being a Celtic."

"He just needs to be in the right system, and Doc's system seems perfect for him," Dutt said. "He knows the situation there; that he'll get an opportunity to really show what he can do as a player."

Dutt acknowledges that replacing Davis won't be easy. But Bass, he says, is more than up to the challenge.

"I think the Celtics have upgraded, I really do," Dutt said. "And that's no disrespect to Glen Davis. I think Glen is a very good player; he really is. But Brandon … he's a special player. And in the right situation, the right system, he can prove that. That's why going to Boston is such a great situation for him."

Standard agent speak.

As for Glen Davis, Yahoo! reports he's getting a 4 year deal worth $26 million from Orlando. His annual salary is jumping from $3 million to $6.5 million.

I'm happy for Glen Davis. He had some great moments here in Boston. But it's time to move on.

The Magic had to amnesty Gilbert Arenas to finalize this deal. Agent Zero is now on the market.

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  • Magic got ripped off. Another genius move by Danny. Bass has a good future with an easy-to-fit contract in 2012.
    If Baby fixed his conditioning and personality issues, he could contend for sixth-man of the year. We gave him a chance to fix those two things and he never did.
    Now he’s overpaid for the next four years.
    JJJ and Bass are a great future at the PF position. Bradley has tons of untapped potential. Celtics have their picks still plus the Clippers pick. Add the ability to sign a max contract and more in 2012…wow…Danny has planned this perfectly.
    We got Marquis and Keyon Dooling for the bench all on one-year deals to retain that cap room. Man…I know Danny gets a lot of hate but seriously…he’s a genius and I love what he seems to be planning.

  • Agreed.
    Now that Baby has his $26M, he`ll surely “eat” his way out of the NBA by 2013.
    Time to cut ties with Delonte…another man-child, whose “drama” exceeds his skill level.

  • Arenas being amnestied was waiting to happen. Baby gets more money, gets to play for one of the teams on his list, and gets a solid chance at starting. And hey, maybe he can talk up his experience in Boston to Dwight. All in all, its a good move for Davis and I wish him the best.

  • Brilliant deal. As are the others on the margins. I just posted on the previous article similar thoughts (though I don’t see it posted yet). Definitely time for BBD to move on. 26 over 4 years? Ha ha. Nice Otis. Dumbass. Can’t wait to see Bass beast it up. Never understood why he spent so much time on the bench. So excited and not just because Rondo has a new alley-oop partner/monster. Don’t kill me on this question, but seriously though, how is Bass not extremely similar to Griffin? Griffin has 2 inches on him, but same weight, Bass stronger, can jump/fly just as much, Bass slightly better FG%. Per 36 minutes, Bass gives up .75 rebounds and 6 points to Griffin. And Griffin is an offensive focal point while Bass never has been given that chance. Griffin dishes a couple extra assists, but Bass can definitely learn that in Boston (and can definitely become a beast defender in Boston). Griffin gets to the line a little more but hits only 64%. Bass hits 83%. Because of hype, you probably immediately dismiss the comparison, but seriously, this is the type of player Ainge just acquired … and got rid of BBD to boot. Damn what a move.
    BTW, very glad DA didn’t sell the farm for a marginal and short-term PG upgrade. CP3 is great, but never even came close to understanding how that reported deal would be worth it for Boston.

  • Orb

    “Dutt acknowledges that replacing Davis won’t be easy. ” Which Davis? Before Christmas or after Christmas, because being an upgrade of Baby in the playoffs last year is a real low bar. In the fourth year of that contract he’s going to be bigger than Sweetney.

  • Think BBD will make friends with that kid he ran over in the playoffs? Ha.

  • LOL! magic screwing themselves again.

  • D

    Hahahaha the Magic are retarded! Dwight is leaving for sure now! But, who knows, maybe Stern will veto this trade too ’cause it would make the Celtics too good? LOL the NBA is looking like such a joke now. But, seriously though, as a Lakers fan this is a good pick up for the Celtics. It’s not quite as big as getting Chris Paul, but then again the Lakers didn’t get anything other than ruined chemistry with the veto. Glen Davis sucks.

  • Will Baby be the new poster child for the next CBA? Deals that owners shouldn’t get themselves into? Good grief.
    When BBD was on, he was as he says,’ferocious’. The charges, the hustle, backing up KG. But watching him down pancakes and pasta by himself before a game was just about enough. With a vet like Ray in the locker room BBD is doing that?! Unreal. For his and his family’s sake, I hope he sorts it out and puts together a consistent season.
    As for Bass, I think it’s a good move. I haven’t seen him directly enough but he looks to have some upside. Just listen and learn Bass and you’ll be fine.

  • I couldn’t agree more, on both guys. Orlando supposedly got Baby to appease fun-loving Howard. Good luck with him.

  • Bass is a versatile stud and a great acquisition. We need D-West. Any word on Delonte or Leon Powe even?