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Jeff Green can derail any trade for Chris Paul

Wouldn't that be a kick in the groin? The Celtics are finally able to negotiate a deal for Chris Paul, but Jeff Green comes along and says "Not so fast…"

Berger did not issue a follow-up tweet, so I'm not exactly sure of the specifics on the leverage.

Regarding Delonte West, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski has this update:

Free agent guard Delonte West is considering the Suns, Lakers and Mavericks, league sources say. Re-signing with Boston is possible too.

C'mon Danny. Lock up Delonte before he jumps to LA.

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  • Getting rid of Green is the best part of the Chris Paul acquisition!

  • Celtics can offer Delonte a maximum of 1 year at around the vet’s minimum. They would be happy to resign Delonte for that immediately.
    The difference is contenders would happily offer Delonte an extra year and an extra million from MLE.
    That’s the issue with Delonte resigning with Celtics: Boston needs to retain cap room.
    I’m sure Danny wants Delonte, but he can’t give him quite the cash or years other teams can.