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Hornets may take Rondo, Green after all

It appeared the Celtics had fallen to the back of the pack in the Chris Paul sweepstakes. For much of the afternoon, Twitter exploded with reports that Houston and the Lakers were working on a three-team deal that would have shipped Pau Gasol to Houston, CP3 to LA, and Luis Scola/Kelvin Martin and others to New Orleans.

But now we are hearing that LA has backed off and the Hornets are considering a one-on-one deal with the Celtics.

If you aren't following this on Twitter, you are really missing out.

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  • If Ainge deals Rondo, Green and 2 first-rounders for 5 months of CP3, I’ll never forgive him. TOO much for 1 guy-unless that guy’s last name is Durant or Nowitzki.

  • Doc will convince him to sign an extension.

  • *catches breath* Ok..I hope so..lmao. Stressful time to be a C’s fan..lmao.

  • If you do not understand that even if we do not get paul to sign an extension that we have enough cap room to sign two stars then you are not a REAL fan. Chris Paul trade is good any way you hash it up. If he stays then Dwight Howard could possibly join the C’s. If he goes then we still have a bunch of cap room to go shopping to rebuild.

  • OK Danny, one last run at worst. As long as the draft picks are 2nd rounders I could live with this deal. The only thing that worries me is what are the names going to be on the balance of the roster for this year? Slim pickens for ageing vets who want a ring and can still contribute, the new cba makes the players less willing to sacrifice. Gulp…..in Danny we trust…

  • cp3’s on a mission and boston isn’t in his plans. after screwing the perk trade im with kwapt of lynching danny on causeway street. this trade would set the team back 10 yrs!

  • If Paul comes to Boston, he`ll stay in Boston.
    No team will be able to offer him as much as the Celts as a FA.

  • hes a laker…..

  • Woj reports he’s a Laker. Looks like they’ve been gifted another superstar as usual.

  • CP3 for Bynum and Odom?
    So I guess the Lakers are going small. Really, really small.