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Your Morning Dump… Where Celtics & Lakers battle it out for Chris Paul

Chris Paul Celtics JerseyEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Various executives believe that the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers are thus the two most likely landing spots for Paul, but sources with knowledge of New Orleans' thinking said late Wednesday that the Hornets are prepared to wait for offers to improve, convinced that they they're getting low-ball proposals at this early stage of the process based on the external belief that they're so motivated to move Paul they will rush into a deal.

The Celtics, sources say, are currently presenting the strongest offer, which features Rajon RondoJeff Green and two first-round picks. As the Paul pursuer most willing to trade for the All-Star point guard with zero assurance that Paul will stay beyond this season, Boston is also trying to concoct multi-team scenarios that would help the Hornets come away with the package they desire for Paul, featuring at least one established veteran to help them stay relevant, one up-and-coming talent and draft picks. 

The Hornets' interest in Rondo is lukewarm at best, but one scenario in circulation would involve the Indiana Pacers and route former Hornets point guard Darren Collison back to New Orleans and land Rondo with the Pacers and Paul with the Celtics. Yet several other players would have to be involved to make such a deal work — with more established talent going to New Orleans — and there was no indication Wednesday that such a deal was close to completion.

ESPN:  Sources: Hornets cool on trade offers

Historically no two teams in the NBA have battled each other more for the championship than the Celtics and Lakers.  Now, it appears they're both taking their rivalry off the court in an attempt to win Chris Paul's services

It's ironically hysterical that Larry Bird is more then willing to help the C's facilitate a deal to get Paul to Boston.  Although he would be getting Rondo in return.  The one thing about Paul that is very concerning is the status of his knee.  Oh, and there's the whole idea of him having no interest in signing a long term deal with the C's, but it appears he has no desire to do that with anyone but the Knicks and perhaps the Lakers.  More from Adrian Wojnarowski:

The Celtics had discussions with the Indiana Pacers about the framework of a deal that could’ve sent Paul to the Celtics, Rondo to Indiana and a package, including former Hornet Darren CollisonTyler HansbroughBrandon Rush and draft picks, to New Orleans, sources said.

New Orleans would have keener interest in small forwards Danny Granger or Paul George, but Pacers president Larry Bird has declared those players “untouchable” in trade talks, sources said.

Boston has gone to multiple teams in recent days trying to assemble a deal, but ultimately needs direction from the Hornets about what specific trades appeal to them. “New Orleans just won’t commit to a package,” one league source said. In the meantime, Boston has tried to juggle the potential involvement of third teams while the Hornets continue to deliberate their potential deals.

Stay tuned.

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  • I think Larry will end up giving up Granger or George. I think he really wants Rondo. I think he gets it that Rondo has a whole other level of talent that very few players have, and it has to do with the way he looks at and understands the game. In the end, Larry will do what he has to do to get Rondo. He’s actually in the catbird seat here.

  • I see the (obvious) value in Paul but don’t think he’s worth all the hype or giving up as much as Danny seems to be willing to give. Also is no one talking about Paul’s bum knee? I’ll keep my tough as nails top 5 pg thank you very much. I think Simmon’s take is about right:

  • Did Larry Bird actually say Paul George was “untouchable” in trade talks?
    7 points, 3 rebounds per game….”untouchable”?!?

  • For sure Larry would have add George to up the ante because it’s hard to imagine NO would bite on this offer in con junction with ours …;_ylt=Av0BJr8jMseQJYrZBPzFGOC8vLYF?slug=aw-wojnarowski_chris_paul_hornets_trade_offers_nba_120811
    Collison will never be a top tier PG, and Brandon Rush is nothing more than a rotation guy. Hansborough posses upside, but is not a starter on a championship caliber club.
    For anyone doubting why a deal of this magnitude needs to be made in order to compete with Miami, it appears Battier is taking his talents to South Beach.