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Breaking Update: Chris Paul to LA in 3-team deal with Houston

Starting a new post just to manage this a little bit better.  Let's see how this all shakes out. 

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  • Not losing Rondo is the best news of all. PHEW!!!
    We had too much for a guy who did not want to play for us. Bright side is maybe Rondo can get over the losing Perk hump

  • yeah Rondo will be really motivated now.

  • This can be good for the Celtics if they have a real team meeting – meaning the Big Three, Danny and Doc and Rondo, to clear the air in a real way.
    Otherwise, the trainwreck has only begun.

  • hmm if i was new orleans im pretty sure i would rather have rondo, green and two first rounders than scola, kmart and odom

  • We`re totally screwed!
    Howard will sign with the Lakers next summer…Bank it!
    Except for KG in 2007….LA always gets their man!

  • How is it possible that LA just acquired the best pg in the NBA and they were able to do it by getting rid of the two players that shrunk in last years playoffs? who are both over 30. And now they get to remain competitive for the next decade. No chance of seeing a six-year LAL slump. This really sucks.

  • Because David Stern hates America and wants the terrorists to win.

  • How does this make the Fakers better? Lost 2 bigs and now have 2 guards who love to dominate the ball. KoMe will still try to take over (even though those days are gone) and Paul will turn into a jump-shooter like Fisher. Not to mention they now have 3 starters with knee “issues”, and no depth at the forward position: Artest/Barnes/Walton all love to take jumpers and don’t bang in the post. No rebounding, no size on defense (Paul will be an upgrade over Fisher and his matador D), no depth *good luck with Dallas’ bench again* and a new coach who won’t know what to do when this team starts turning on each other.
    As a diehard Celtic fan in enemy territory, I can’t wait for the MELTDOWN to begin. And it’s a blessing in disguise since we won’t lose Rondo. Maybe Kapono will be the new Flakers Savior?

  • They’d have to move Artest, Walton, and Bynum. But seeing how anyone is willing to do business with LA, it will probably happen.

  • League saying Training Camps and Free Agnecy starts at 2PM Friday. Will Ainge still shop Rajon until then or was Ainge’s only goal getting CP. If Rajon stays with the C’s the Pressure is ON for 66 games. All eyes on Rajon now including team mates to get them to the playoffs.

  • You have a good point about the chemistry/coach issue. CP3 is a whiner and Kobe will make keeping bron bron happy seem easy.

  • Not being a smart-ass…why can’t the Lakers now trade Bynum to Magic for Howard and not wait ’til next year? Seems logical, no?

  • Orlando has to agree to the deal, too. Remember?

  • I seem to recall a certain PG who won the league MVP last season and it wasn’t Chris Paul.

  • Right – so give me some examples of teams that DONT trade their
    players in the last year of their contract…ever work out for them?
    Magic will have to get some value for him – better than getting

  • Oh crap! I forgot about Paul’s whining. This team was already the worst at crying about every call against/not for them. Even dropping Sasha “I’ve never committed a foul” Vuabitch last year and the Llama this year, it’s still going to be embarassing watching them grimace in pain after ever whistle they get. I just hope the refs stick to that technical foul rule for demonstrative displays against an official, OR the Metta World Peace will do his part to keep the harmony.

  • Chris Paul is still better.

  • Salaries have to match too. So maybe Bynum, Luke, multiple others, plus they don’t have 1st round drafts? It may have to invole other teams? And it may leave their bench even thinner.

  • I'd take a thin bench + Bryant, Paul and Howard. I'd mortgage 5 years
    of picks for Paul and Howard together on long-term deals. Whatever
    3rd team need to come into play!
    The Magic (as a business) have to trade Howard this season.
    Crazy one – that actually works out better for the Heat…LeBron for
    Howard and Nelson…Nelson, Wade, Swingman X, Bosh and Howard is too
    good. Ha Ha Ha

  • Epic fail for Danny.. another bad gamble after the Perkins trade.
    The whole thing was badly handled, too much time spent on this trade and too many rumors, and after all we got nothing: Paul going to LA (and 99% Howard now or next year), Chandler going to NY..
    I fear dark ages at the horizon for the Celtics. Plus, these young players don’t give a damn about tradition or winning organizations, they just want big money and big stages, and it seems like Boston has no fascination at all for them.

  • Trade was just vetoed by NBA Owners pushing Stern. Sorry, Fakers, but this ain’t a Yahoo Fantasy League.

  • By saying Chris Paul is better doesn’t make it so. Rose is leaps and bounds a more explosive athlete than Paul, has no injury issues (Paul has a chronic knee), is bigger, has gone just as deep in the playoffs and has more clutch/dominant games in 2 years than Paul has had in his whole career, AND Rose has begun to answer the critics with improving his 3 point shot and free throws.
    Frankly, Chris Paul, while a great player, is being overrated a bit. People whine that he hasn’t had great players around him to win…well, Rose is THE great player on the Bulls and has pushed that team to be better and better each year. Paul has not done this.

  • Quick – can we get Dooling in on a new deal with New Orleans?!?!
    At this point, if Obama damaged Rondo – Danny surely has…