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BREAKING: Chris Paul to LA deal is OFF

Is going on in the NBA?  I'm at a total loss.  Stay tuned, I guess.

UPDATE:  Per Woj:

The NBA has caved to pressure from owners that the appearance of this deal, on heels of lockout, had to be stopped, sources tell Y! Sports.

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  • This made my day. Thank you Stern, you did the right thing here.

  • This puts us back into contention for him. ESPN reports that Lakers execs were unsure about the deal because they were giving up 2 of their 3 bigs and getting none in return. They had reservations and the league didn’t want this deal either. Means that only other deal out there worth anything to Hornets would be our deal.

  • Can we even make a deal for him now? If the league can veto the Laker deal, I don’t see why they wouldn’t veto a deal to the Celtics.

  • If owners can veto a deal, there’s no way Chris Paul, or Dwight Howard for that matter, will be allowed to be to traded to LA, NY, Boston, or other big market teams. Unless they go to another small market, they’ll have to wait for FA. Which means we can still be in the running for Dwight, but we’ll have to wait out turn.

  • Yeah this brings up all sorts of other issues with the league going forward. I understand they finished the CBA today to avoid situations just like this one but how can you really keep a team from getting what they can for a guy who is absolutely leaving at the end of the season?
    On the other hand, if they are required to play out the season, and with the cap situations of LA and NY (with the Tyson Chandler deal) there would not be much competition from big markets teams to offer max money to Dwight or CP or Deron Williams besides us and new jersey.

  • The Chris Paul situation is different than Dwight’s because the League owns the Hornets at the present time. Dwight could theoretically get traded to LA for Luke Walton and the other owners couldn’t say boo no matter how pissed off they were – just like the Pau deal.
    It wasn’t hard to see this coming, other owners were going to be upset with any cp3 deal. Cuban and others got pissed off at stern because he let the hornets take on salary in the Landry for Thorton deal

  • They have say in the Hornets deal, because the New Orleans is owned by the league, so every other owner has stake in the Hornets.
    Dwight is a whole different issue.

  • Damn, I wanted the Lakers to end up losing 2 bigs. And I still want Rondo over Paul!

  • Danny will be the last man standing again. The next era is about to begin, and it will be televised.

  • Thank you, David Stern!

  • What exactly makes Boston a “Big Market”? Hell, Houston and Atlanta are much bigger markets.

  • League will have to allow Hornets to move Paul sooner or later. Otherwise they’d be acting against New Orleans’, and thus league’s, self-interest. Next October Paul will not be wearing Hornets jersey anyway, so they might as well get some talent in return.