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Your Morning Dump… Hornets with lukewarm interest in Celtics offers

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The Celtics have reportedly changed their stance on whether they'd require a long-term commitment before trading for Paul. It was believed to be a requisite to a deal getting done when first reported their interest in Paul. Sources said their offer includes point guard Rajon Rondo, a 2012 top-10 protected first-round pick from the Clippers, second-year guard Avery Bradley and rookie guard E'Twaun Moore. Another source said restricted free agent Jeff Green would likely be part of that deal as well. reported Monday that in addition to the Warriors and Clippers — New Orleans' preferred trade partners — at least three teams have told the Hornets that they're willing to trade for Paul without any assurance that he'll extend his contract or re-sign next summer. They are the Celtics, Rockets and Dallas Mavericks, with Boston widely considered to be the strongest bidder in that group despite what sources describe as the Hornets' lukewarm interest to date in the primary players offered by the Celtics: All-Star guard Rajon Rondo and forward Jeff Green.

ESPN – Hornets line up trade targets

Buckle up. The Chris Paul trade reports are coming fast and furiously.

Whatever the Celtics are offering, it appears they are not the front-runners. Rajon Rondo isn't satisfying the Hornets appetite in a trade. I'm not sure why, but that's a topic for another post.

The Herald's Steve Bulpett is the first to mention that Glen Davis may play a role in all of this:

Glen Davis could end up playing a part in all this, no matter which way New Orleans goes. The C’s unrestricted free agent has received interest from the Hornets during the past couple of days as they try to put the right pieces around Paul that might make him want to stay (no doubt it will take more than the forward to sway Paul).

But if New Orleans decides there is no way it will be able to retain Paul, then Davis, a Louisiana native, could be a welcome component in a Celtics package that surely will be headlined by Rajon Rondo [stats]. And, according to a source, said package would have to contain more than those two players.

I want Chris Paul on the Celtics, but I fear the asking price is getting too high. The package reported by Sports Illustrated (Rondo, Bradley, Green, 1st round pick) is flat out ridiculous.

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On Page 2, a look at the Celtics strength of schedule.

Boston, with 57 wins, and Oklahoma City, with 56 wins, both were among the NBA's elite last year. However, both drew exceedingly difficult home-and-home opponents, likely by virtue of their television-friendly teams. 

Boston plays the defending champion Dallas Mavericks, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Thunder twice each. The Thunder is set to play the Celtics, the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic twice each. If Tyson Chandler and/or Dwight Howard change teams prior to the start of the season that would probably be appreciated in Massachusetts and Oklahoma. 

Both Boston and Oklahoma City, despite being well above .500 last year, have differentials of zero thanks to the tough scheduling.

CBS Sports

I'm not overly concerned with the Celtics opponents. I'm more concerned with the back-to-backs and back-to-back-to-backs. As I mentioned last night, the Cs schedule is not as bad as I feared.

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  • this start to look more like get rid of Rondo, then get Paul.

  • Yeah this is not about getting rid of Rondo, it’s about desperately trying to get Chris Paul. But at what price? This is beginning to sound like Danny has tunnel vision and willing to do anything to RENT Chris Paul. I have “lukewarm” interest in that.

  • That is WAY too much to be giving up for a one (abbreviated) year rental. I hope New Orleans turns it down. Chris Paul is fantastic and I’d love to see him play here, but the price is way too high.

  • I’m concerned that if we can’t pull the trigger on this, Rondo’s going to want out anyway because of all the trade rumors.

  • If they rent CP3, they would literally clear the entire books next year. It would just be PP and whoever else they sign, assuming Bradley goes in the trade. But then we are without the picks we traded? Not sure how I feel about that. I think THIS season, Rondo is our best bet. I think any CP3 move is a future one, whether or not he’s part of that future or if the books are totally clear who knows.
    Camp starts in 2 days right? The rumor mills will churn even more whacky scenarios as we get closer.

  • Q : Is Rondo overrated by Celtic fans?
    A : Danny can`t even give him away!

  • If the Lakers pull off their trade for Howard…Danny will look awfully foolish having rented CP3 for a year!

  • Oh give me a break. Why would you be desperate to land Paul if you weren’t done with Rondo? People seem to be having some kind of mania where Chris Paul is thought of as Michael Jordan plus Bill Russell.

  • Rondo is fantastic too, but folks seem to have forgotten that.

  • He’s pretty much toast in Boston at this point, I’d say.

  • I think it’s more that Danny is overrated. I think GMs around the league are figuring out that Danny can be taken advantage of

  • Nobody seems to care Paul has a chronic knee problem and doesn’t want to play here.

  • Totally agree. Danny worked hard to structure the finances to be positioned for the 2012 derby, stay the course. CP3 has a suspect knee, fades in big games and has pretty much acted like a spoiled little bitch in NOLA. Lets focus on getting a new big man instead.