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Report: C’s/Hornets had a Rondo/Chris Paul deal done

I know this is a Peter Vescey story, and he currently ranks somewhere between "guy on the corner who heard something" and "Chris Broussard desperate for attention on Twitter" on the credibility scale….

…but it's intriguing enough to pass along.

How many believe a reporter fantasized the threesome involving the Celtics, Hornets and Pacers, whose $23 million in cap space make them a critically desirable partner?

Well, according to one pretty piped-in informer, it was a done deal until CP3 Knixed it by refusing to sign an extension.

A second source with intimate knowledge of the proposition took a long pause when asked about its validity before saying, “That’s very interesting.”

Of course, this flies in the face of reports that Ainge would be willing to take Paul for a year and let him opt out when it's done.  But, if Vescey is right, this could have happened before Danny softened. 

The thing for teams to consider is Chris Paul won't sign an extension right away because it costs him a year and about $20 million.  Even if he's happy to stay in a city, he'll still opt out so the team can use their Bird rights and give him 5 years, $100 million.  That's just how it's going to go. 

I still put the odds of Rondo staying in Boston are 75/25.  Danny's not just looking to ditch the kid… he's just looking to get Chris Paul.  If this falls through, then Rondo goes nowhere.

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  • As unpredictable as this pre-season will be, I agree that Rondo will be in Green next season.

  • folks talk about this like it’s normal to shop around your best player and the putative future of your team . No. that’s now how you treat people. That’s how you treat someone you don’t care about. Rondo will be gone.

  • since trading perk all signs point to danny looking beyond desperate. hypothetically cp3 agrees to a boston sign/trade, does danny then unload garnett and ray? i think this season would be a great opportunity at rebuilding toward the next dynasty.