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Quisy’s coming back?

RedsArmyAdmin December 7, 2011 Uncategorized 9 Comments on Quisy’s coming back?

According to the Globe's Julian Benbow…. yes.

Count me as being on board with this.  This also fits along with the most likely, and most boring, scenario of the Celtics looking a lot like they did at the beginning of last year.  So no… I don't expect any big, splashy moves.  Sorry, CP3.

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  • I like it. I really do..mark my words-he will go the entire (shortened) season without an injury if they resign him. That’s my gut. I truly think last year’s incident scared/breathed new-life and a new attitude into Mr. Daniels.

  • Quis was great for us last year; gives us a plus wing defender off the bench (sorry jeff green you don’t qualify) and while he doesn’t space the floor with 3 point range, he can create his own shot, handle the ball, and is a plus passer. This is a good move for the celtics, IF he can stay healthy, which with him is always in question.

  • I love it…gives us another versatile player off the bench. Green can play the 2/3/4 and Quise can play the 1/2/3. Gives us a lot of options. Just hope this doesn’t prevent us from bringing back Delonte.

  • more importantly, and i think john will agree with me on this, Marquis Daniels>>>>>>>>>>>Vince Carter

  • Delonte will be back. He loves player here and Doc loves having him around. After Bringing those two guys back I’d to see the C’s sign Kyle Fesenko with the mini mid level they might be on to something. I’d love to see them add D’Andre Jordon but he seems out of reach. I head a rumor about him getting a 40 million dollar deal some where. With Kyle they would have a great defensive player with the offensive game of 90% of what Perk was which isn’t much. At 7-1 he can lay in lobs from Rondo. That moves Jermaine to the Bench and we all know if Baby is back he is going to see time at the C spot. If you wanted to I’m sure you could bring back Troy Murphy on the cheap as a strech 4 which would open things up and add some much needed scoring to the bench. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute would be a beast on the defensive end as well who isn’t going ot command Big $$$$ but the c’s need some more O

  • hopefully delonte is in waltham this weekend as well

  • I’m psyched about this too. Great move especially cause he knows the system and this will be a short camp. No brainer and I hope you’re right about him having a great year and staying healthy….he certainly due.

  • I read the Lakers are talking to Delonte, apparently Mike Brown and him are tight.

  • Bravo … he also provides depth at PG and did a hellva job backing up PP before the injury. Can’t see it not being for the vet. minimum given he’s only played 70+ games once in 8 seasons. Nevertheless he knows the system and fits right in. Makes you wonder about JG and if all along Danny had planned to use him as a bargaining chip in lieu of a blockbuster deal.
    Despite the reports about CP3 eschewing Boston, Danny has put together the most attractive package (Green included) and if the Clips won’t deal Gordon, and G. S. Curry, the framework of this deal may indeed go through sooner than most expect. Hard to imagine Demps passing on Rondo. The Minn. pick he covets (from LAC) could easily fall from 5-10 and Rondo is simply better than any PG lottery pick. The key for us will be Ariza or a secondary option as part of a 3-way deal. My guess is NO is looking to package Okafor’s contract perhaps with Indy or Toronto. If Ariza drops our way I would give BB a two year deal (team option, year two) and use the mini-MLE on Fesenko in solidifying the front court since CP3 can ISO, space the floor and create his own shot … key attributes this team has lacked over the past few seasons. Danny may be able to wait out the market and find a scorer like Redd to play off Paul and Delonte who should also be reunited with his teamamtes … we hope 🙂