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Chris Paul “has no interest in a long-term future in Boston”

The Celtics may have felt that they could convince Chris Paul to stay here if he just gave it a shot, but it might just be time to accept the fact that he won't even entertain the thought. 

More disturbing at the moment is the suddent interjection of th Lakers as a contender in this.  Like what we need after all the Rondo rumors is to have the Lakers be the team to get Chris Paul.  

Just go to the Clippers already, dammit

(h/t Celtics Blog)

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  • Who cares? Paul wants a cushy ride to the Finals and to play with his friends. I will get much more satisfaction in Rondo crushing Paul’s ass while Paul pretends not to care.

  • I wouldn’t even want this guy anyway. If he doesn’t want to play in Boston then he probably won’t have his heart in it to help the C’s raise banner 18.

  • Wow, Paul is killing New Orleans. He just took one of his biggest trade contenders, and significantly drove his price down. Forget about giving up rondo + green + 2 first rounders. If Ainge believes this report New Orleans will struggle to get Paul for Rondo straight up.

  • the biggest problem with not trading for paul is you have to find different, much more complicated way to improve the team to try and win a championship this year

  • The Celtics Big 3 are OLD!!!!! we need to make a move now we’re not in the running for any top of the line free agents (Chandler,Landry,and Nene) we need to make some type of blockbuster trade with all the rumors spreading about rondo for Cp3 Maybe Danny could package him for someone else IDK we shall wait n see….I pray Danny doesnt F&*k things up i dont want the C’s to suck for another decade

  • The Celtics will most likely acquire Chris Paul. Danny knows what he’s doing and can make something work. No other team wants him unless he signs long term which he won’t do anywhere because of new CBA. Lakers will offer Bynum for Dwight so Hornets will have to take our offer. I just hope we can somehow convince him to stay since we will be able to offer more money than anyone else next year.

  • He wants to play in New York, and he will. If not this season then surely next one. Melo got what he want, and all they need now is to get cp3 there too. That will happen, I believe, and having him for this season only, well… I still don’t think he’s better then Rondo, and I do not understand this fascination with this guy.I really do believe that Rondo on a bad team would be just as great. Call me crazy.