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Report: Ainge offered Rondo for Stephen Curry

Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News reports:

By the way, this is probably why Boston recently contacted the Warriors to talk about the outlines of a deal potentially centering around Rajon Rondo-for-Curry (which I believe the GSWs flat-out rejected)…

If Boston got Curry, the Celtics would be in position to flip him straight to New Orleans in a Paul package.

I generally agree that Rondo is a better player than Curry, but I agree with the Warriors shunning the swap possibility because Curry is someone whose valuing is still rising, while Rondo’s is about as high as it’ll ever get.

Rondo's value is as high as it will ever get? Has the kid peaked at age 25?

To quote Mr. Triple Double, Ainge is a madman.

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  • Yesterday it seemed certain Paul was going to L.A. The day before that it seemed certain he was going to N.Y. Today it’s between Clips and Celts…Anyone see a pattern? Instead of getting our undies in a bunch lets just try to sit back and see what happens instead of listening to rumors.

  • Can you imagine Curry trying to play defense in the Eastern conference?? Makes me cringe. If this deal happens, we’re so much worse. Rondo alone could make GS a playoff team.

  • Danny is on a mission….we`ve seen the last of Rajon Rondo!

  • we dont want curry. we want paul. hornets dont want rondo. hornets want curry. you see whats going on here?

  • if true it would seem DA is on a mission to deal Rondo….maybe he can get Barrea & Tyson Chandler for Rondo & Green….I’m shocked about the Curry offer though

  • That sounds terrible. I don’t trust Tyson to stay healthy…

  • Not that bad, if you think that last year we were praying a 39-old year career-bumped guy to stay healthy!
    I don’t think CP3 will ever come to Boston; but if he does, that means there will be many more chances to land Howard next year.

  • How many times did the Hornets reached the playoffs? Chris Paul is a fat bum

  • It’s starting to worry me that nobody seems to want Rondo – including Danny.