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C’s play @ Miami after Christmas. Home opener vs. Detroit

The NBA schedule won't officially be released until tonight, but, as usual, it's starting to trickle out early. Here's a look at a couple more games, including the Celtics home opener.


Twitter / @gwashburn14: #Celtics' home opener will … via kwout

So it's Knicks & Heat on the road, then Detroit at home.  Of course, we don't know what will happen on the 26th, 28th or 29th yet.  And if you look at the full Phoenix Suns schedule that leaked today, you'll see what NBA teams are up against.  It's not pretty.  Get ready for games every other day… that is… when you're not playing on back-to-back days.  

This won't be pretty.

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  • That Phoenix schedule is brutal. For our veteran team, this may be a tough season. I can easily see old teams like Celtics, Lakers, SA, and Dallas losing half their games. Let’s just hope our boys stayed in decent shape through the summer and fall.

  • I actually look at this positively. It’ll be tough for our veteran players to make it through some of these back-to-backs, which means players like E’twaun Moore, Avery Bradley, and Jajuan Johnson will get a chance to contribute on those nights. If they get some extra time in our rotation, it might help them develop into legit rotation players in the future.