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Report: Celtics offer Rondo, Green, two 1st round picks for Chris Paul

Via Ken Berger of CBS Sports:

The Clippers' opening salvo was an offer that included Eric Gordon and restricted free agent DeAndre Jordan, with L.A. hoping that the prospect of playing with electrifying forward Blake Griffin and the big stage of Los Angeles would be enticing enough to Paul that he would eventually commit to the team long term. 

The details of offers surrounding talks with Dallas and Golden State weren't known, though Yahoo Sports reported that the Warriors' offer centered around Stephen Curry and rookie Klay Thompson. But the Celtics stepped forward with an offer that would not have to come with any commitment from Paul that he'd re-sign with Boston after the season. According to a person familiar with the discussions, the Celtics offered Rajon Rondo, two future first-round picks, and restricted free agent Jeff Green in a sign-and-trade for Paul. 

The impetus behind the Celtics' potential rental offer for Paul was intriguing: Come to Boston, take a shot at winning a title with Paul PierceRay Allen and Kevin Garnett while the window is still open, and then have enough room to entice Dwight Howard to come on board as an unrestricted free agent next summer. Garnett and Allen come off the books July 1, leaving the Celtics with only $30.4 million in committed salary for next season, when Howard can opt out of his contract with Orlando.

Though Paul has never expressed a desire to play in Boston, if he liked his new surroundings and the Celtics' chances of luring Howard, he would be in a championship-contending situation and could get his max deal of five years, $100 million six months after the trade. 

Holy crap. I'm high on Chris Paul, but that's a lot to give up in a deal that doesn't include an extension.

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  • Lex

    Couple of thoughts.
    One really.
    McHale traded Garnett to the C’s even though the Ls offered a better deal, in part to improve the Cs and also to make sure Garnett didn’t help the Ls hoist any more banners.
    This offer is Ainge’s attempt to keep the Ls from running up another string of banners.

  • I feel like Danny and Doc MUST have some sort of assurance behind the scenes that they can get these guys to commit and play here. First odd thing in my opinion was the fact Doc agreed to a 5 year deal when he could have walked last year nad coached anywhere in the league he wanted. How did Danny get him to commit to 5 years? Danny must be up to something. Maybe the trade last year for Green was for this reason? He would be a nice added piece in a package to offer to Paul and then they make the run for Dwight? If Dwight goes to the lakers Paul walks at the end of this season but maybe that’s a risk Danny is willing to take.

  • Anybody notice how ever since this article came up the Fan Confidence meter on the side is skyrocketing?

  • First off, the Lakers didn’t offer a better deal. Al Jefferson was and still is a better player than Bynum. And the draft picks AND cap relief was more than enough to make up for Odom.
    Second, you think the Lakers would win countless banners after getting CP3, you don’t know how trades work. They would have to give up Bynum and Gasol/Odom to get him which takes away from the one advantage they have which is size. They’re still screwed salary cap wise so they wouldn’t be able to bring in anyone else worth a damn even after getting CP3. Lastly, Kobe is at the end of his rope even after his “legal” German procedure so LA would be giving up 2 of their 3 bigs to get a ball dominant PG that wouldn’t fit with a shoot first, aging Kobe. In a couple years, it’d be CP3 and more garbage than he plays with in NO right now.

  • I think Ainge looks at it like this, even if Paul want’s to leave, he’ll want to do a sign/trade for the max dough, so DA would still get players……to me this looks like an extreme willingness to deal Rondo,and also a serious title run this year. Ainge is half crazy/half fearless…..hope this works better than his last gamble.

  • This is an awful trade without Paul signing a contract. Ainge would essentially gut his team for the next 2 years and bottom out if Paul becomes a rental. Have fun trying to sell tickets with 35 yr old Paul Pierce as your centerpiece.
    I still maintain Rondo is a guy I’d rather have in a heated playoff series. He’s had 3 solid playoff runs, at some points absolutely spectacular. He’s tough and does not fear the moment. I have no idea how Paul fares in big games because frankly he hasn’t been in many in his career. He also seems to want a cushy, easy landing spot (New York) and follow his Miami Heat bretheren to a pre-determined title. I hate rooting for guys like that and I won’t enjoy rooting for a guy who has 1 foot out the door from Game #1.

  • wtf cp3 isn’t mj

  • Lee in Oregon making the most sense here. If we conclude Boston is not a free agent destination then having CP3 to sign and trade for young studs will (may?) rebuild this club in a hurry. And honestly I like the idea of giving Paul a legitimate shot this year with our aging stars.
    Remember the window was to be closed two seasons ago! Trying to artificially extend this run with the horses we got is going to mean taking some risks. The one thing Paul can do at the point Rondo won’t/can’t do is the one thing that has hurt the C’s tremendously over the past two years: score. Think of those infuriating droughts that cost us so many games…I love the kid but change can be good…

  • I don’t like Chris Paul he’s cheesy and annoyingly gay, and the fact that he’s buddy with Lebron makes me wanna puke if that happens fck boston i’m going to LA.