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Adrian Wojnarowski: “New Orleans strongly engaged with Celtics for Chris Paul”

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, it appears the Celtics (along with the Warriors and Clippers) were strongly engaged in trade talks for Chris Paul.  He later tweeted that Paul has let it be know to the Warriors and Clippers that their chances of retaining him long term would increase if they could sign Tyson Chandler.  Stay tuned for more details.


UPDATE: In the full column, the deal would include Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green, but would also require a third team to sweeten the deal.

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  • honestly we’re fine with rondo. celts have more pressing needs than trading for another pg. and danny better be careful or he’s gonna get lynched for destroying this team.. it took 10 fckn yrs of sub .500 ball to build-up the necessary assets to trade for ray/garnett
    – on a side note magic’s ceo drunk dialed dhoward begging him to stay and has since resigned. smart one buddy

  • I understand that we probably over rate Rondo a little bit here but I’m seriously blown away by the fact that GMs covet Steph Curry over Rondo. I really think Rondo is a clear cut top 5 PG in the league. Curry? Not so much.
    Also, this whole Chris Paul rent a player idea makes me pretty nervous. Trading Rondo AND Jeff Green (which is basically all our young talent) for a a player who probably won’t be here after the year is so risky. On the other hand this really is our only chance to get players of that caliber. Boston just is not respected around the league for a Free Agent destination when we’re competing against NY and LA and Brooklyn, players don’t want to come here unless Danny gets a trade done.

  • Yeah, since when did Steph Curry become a premiere PG? He can score for sure, but he’s not a PG. Him and Montae Ellis fight over 20 shots a game. People should be lining up for Rondo since he makes his teammates better. Not many PG’s do that anymore.

  • I feel that If Ainge had Paul and Truth and $24 million under the cap that can entice some free agent to come here. This scenario is much more likely road to land Paul AND Howard then the attention the Flakers have been getting of late…