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Your Morning Dump… JaJuan Johnson is happy to be out of his mom’s house

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“Definitely me,’’ Johnson said. “But my mom, I think she was ready for me to get out of there, too. She said the house gets more messy and everything. So it was a mutual thing. It was nice being back home, but I was definitely ready to leave.’’

“Everything was going in slow motion, it seemed like, prior to that, then once the lockout ended everything sped up,’’ he said. “You’re thinking, ‘I’ve got to get to Boston. Do I leave my car here?’ Packing, where to live. All that stuff. It’s just all so fast once the lockout’s over.’’

“We had some good runs, pickup ball,’’ Johnson said. “But the biggest thing I learned is what [Rondo] does on the pick and roll, kind of got a feel for that, or at least got introduced to it, because really, I’m behind obviously just from the lockout standpoint.

“But hopefully when we actually can get everybody together I can try to get some of that stuff pretty fast.’’

Globe – Celtics Johnson working out and running around

Imagine what the next few days are going to be like for JaJuan Johnson. He's going from his mom's basement to the Boston Celtics. He's going to be hanging with guys who have hundreds of millions of dollars and are bound for the NBA Hall of Fame. Avery Bradley said he was so nervous last year that he was afraid to participate in practice.

Johnson can't be star-struck for long. The Celtics need Johnson (and Bradley) to contribute this year. I'm afraid we're all going to be underwhelmed with the free-agent additions. And the schedule may be more grueling than we feared:

One league official says there are seven NBA teams that have two stretches of 5 games in 6 nights this season. Good luck with that.

Even the youngest teams would have trouble with that type of stretch.  

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