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Could Vince Carter help the Celtics?

I'm endangering my life by writing this post. The mere mention of "Vince Carter" is enough to throw John into a full blown rage. Linking VC to the Celtics… I'd be safer voluntarily entering MCI-Cedar Junction.

Sports Illustrated's Zach Lowe says Vince could help some veteran teams:

Some contenders that are thin on the wing or light on shooting also happen to have some very good pick-and-roll big men. Chicago, Boston and the Lakers jump out as teams that could use Carter’s skill set in a limited backup role.

Boston has half a team under contract and a below-average offense; it will look at any cheap wing player who can back up both Paul Pierce and Ray Allen while providing a bit of scoring punch. Of course, the Celtics got an up-close look at Carter’s shaky playoff chops during the 2010 Eastern Conference finals, when he imploded and helped cost the Magic a conference title.

Can a team with the highest shooting percentage really be called "below average?" Let's not digress. Here's how VC can help veteran, contending teams:

Paired with a threatening big man, Carter can work as a serviceable secondary pick-and-roll ball-handler. In 22 games with the Magic last season, Carter ranked as the league’s most efficient pick-and-roll handler, considering only such plays he finished with a shot, drawn foul or turnover, according to Synergy Sports. His efficiency on pick-and-rolls fell off a bit on Phoenix, where he didn’t have Dwight Howard rolling down the lane to draw everyone’s attention, but he still ranked well above-average. Carter is a clever passer when he feels like sharing, and on a good team, with good big men, you could do a lot worse than having him work a pick-and-roll as an emergency option when the shot clock is running down.

I know Vince Carter is mentally soft. I'm talking in desperate need of Cialis soft. But the dude can score. And being around the Big 3 and Doc Rivers can only help. If expectations are low, he might actually surprise us.

Just sayin'…

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  • Vinsanity in Boston? God help us!
    I don’t see that guy playing on the cheap. I think he could be useful at times, the C’s offense does bog down at times, but wouldn’t he just be another old guy jacking jumpers? Seems like he’s worth more than a 3-million exception that the C’s sorely need to use on a big man.

  • sure he could help us, fail. has VC helped any team win?

  • Vince is going to Chicago. The Bulls are in desperate need of a SG, and Vince is best they can hope for. Not a lot of money or big FAs out there to try and draw in. Rose, Carter, Deng, Boozer, Noah… not a bad starting five and Carter is an upgrade to Bogans. Not sure how good defensively that team is though.

  • Ten years too late.

  • This site is hilarious sometimes. Carter has been a punching bag for years and you actually are trying to make a case for this born loser? He simply is too mentally and physically soft to play here. Celtics fans and teammates would hate him.