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Your Morning Dump… Where Scal mentored E’Twaun Moore

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“I ask (Scalabrine) a lot of questions,” Moore said. “He has given me a lot of insight — things to look for.

“He’s told me that everyone on the Celtics is a close family, and gets along real well. He’s told me how well (coach) Doc (Rivers) does at getting everyone into the right situations to play to their strengths.”

Herald: Moore gets a head start 

Moore averaged a little more than 9 points in his 7 games for Benetton Treviso.  His best game was an 18 point outburst that included 4 of 6 shooting from 3.  So it's clear that E'Twaun can shoot the ball.  But, as is mentioned in the article, Moore will probably be doing most of his shooting in practice or the D-League.  

It really depends on how the team roster shakes out and how Moore does in practice.  There's always an outside chance that he can play his way into the rotation.  And if there's ever a season where he might just get a random shot, it's this one.  A three-games-in-a-row stretch could be the opportunity he needs to get out there and prove what he can do against NBA players.  We know the core guys, aside from Rondo, will get almost no time at all in those games.  So guys like Moore, JaJuan Johnson and Avery Bradley will have opportunities.

Meanwhile, it's nice to see Scal helping out our young fella.  Just another love Scal. 

Hey, Scal left Benetton too.  He WAS wearing green……

On Page 2, The C's look for size (and it won't be Chandler or Nene)

"That's why we're on the phone and working right now," said coach Doc Rivers last week. "We have to get size."

The Celtics won't be in the running for the top centers, Tyson Chandler of the Dallas Mavericks, Nene of the Denver Nuggets and Samuel Dalembert of the Sacramento Kings.

They will have to be content with someone from the leftover pile and try to lure Kwame Brown or Joel Przybilla of the Charlotte Bobcats, Jason Collins of the Atlanta Hawks, Aaron Gray of the New Orleans Hornets, Dan Gadzuric of the New Jersey Nets or Reggie Evans, a 6-foot-9 forward who could play minutes in the middle.

MWDN: Celtics size up situation at center

Want to know why neither Chandler or Nene are in the running for the C's?  Because they want max or near-max money.  Big men are asking ridiculous amounts for their services.  I went into this offseason thinking a guy like Dalembert might be possible, but if Tyson Chandler is asking for $20 million, then Dalembert has to figure he's worth half that. 

I swear though, I'm going to punch the next person that brings up Kwame Brown.  I just can't stomach it.  I'll take Pryz or Gray before I take that bag of crap Brown.  We've got to face facts, though, we're not getting a center to back up Jermaine that's any better than those few guys unless there's a sign-and-trade somewhere.  And I'm not sure we want to go down that road because I'm not so sure a sign-and-trade would involve just one player.  

The next few weeks are going to be very interesting.  We're going to see what Danny Ainge is made of now.

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  • I don’t mind Grey’s game agreed hate Kwame Brown.

  • Did U guys watch hoops the past 2 years or do U just hate Kwame because of the name and bust status?? He is ALWAYS HEALTHY. never misses games, averages almost a double double and plays solid D. Gray sucks and can’t even get up and down the court without huffing and puffing. I like Pryzbilla but he’s always hurt and he suffers devastating injuries, so you cannot depend on him at all. If you want a 6’11 280 pounder who can play all 66 games and average 10 and 10 then Kwame is the man, though I fear he’s out of our price range.

  • I’ll take Tiny Gallon over kwame

  • Yes Grey is slow but come on Brown has Dub Dub by Default I would rather P.J Brown come out of retirement (thank you again P.J. for that game 7 shot in 2008)then sign Kwame. Kwame is Circus folk. Nomads, you know. Smell like cabbage. Small hands.

  • Bring back Scal! I wanna bust out the old #44 jersey again…

  • here:
    Please tell me where he has ever averaged 10 and 10.

  • Both Tyson Chandler and NEne are FAR too OVERRATED. Tyson has literally NO offensive game and if he did not play hard on defense, rebounded nor blocked any shots, we would not be talking about him. Nene with his size and his abilities is not that great a rebounder (carrer 7.0 per game) and he does not even block shots. The Celts are better of getting a Kwame brown witrh the verterans minumum. they should also think of axing JO w/ the amnesty clause. It’s obvious that JO does not have it anymore.

  • 9.5 and 11 was close enough for me last year but I had been drinking today. so after reviewing it was PER 36 my bad. Grey way better number 1 we need to sign D west. any of you all drink Yuengling if not give it a try i’m kinda lit and it’s good

  • First Kwame Brown is awful. He has the worst hands of any person in the history of the NBA. I don’t care what numbers he puts out for points and rebounding, he’s still a net loss when he’s on the court. Tyson Chandler would be perfect for us but he doesn’t deserve and won’t get the numbers he’s seeking. This is the leaner, meaner NBA. No one’s going to warp their salary cap by paying him those numbers, so don’t give up yet. Rebounding, defense and blocked shots and being on a team that will guarantee you 6-10 wide open shots from 2 feet and under. That would be a no-brainer for us and for him boys, if he can get over his delusions.

  • Theres only 2 things that scare me, and nuclear war is one of them… Patrick O’ Bryant is the other!