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Video: Felger calls Rondo a “prick” on TV

I'm going to show a lot of restraint here when I say this about Michael Felger:  He likes to take extreme stances to get reactions out of people.  It's his thing.  But sometimes, he can go to far.  Like what he said about Rajon Rondo tonight.  It comes at the end of the video above, where he says

"he can't shoot and personality-wise, he's a pill… sort of a… prick."

This is what Felger does.  In that fleeting moment right after he said "sort of a…" the synapses firing in his brain were calculating whether "prick" would be going too far.  Then, as is always the case with Felger, that judgement call was followed by a "ahhh… screw it"… and he utters the phrase that most people wouldn't say. 

He'll spin it as "I speak my mind" or "I tell it like it is."   The truth is, he does it for the rise out of us.  The reaction gets him off.

So my reaction to Felger is simple, and its the truth. 

It takes one, to know one.

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  • I think the funnier part is how the other guy thinks even if we acquire Paul we still aren’t that close to a championship. That’s hilarious. It’s not like we’ll get Paul but it’s still funny.

  • Great. Just great. Thanks Felger. Pot calling the kettle black I’d say.
    I’ve said it before, I’m a HUGE Rondo fan. I have his jersey. However, I would also make the Chris Paul trade in a heartbeat if NO was into it, because of our team’s specific needs.
    But this is wrong. Most likely Rondo’s staying in Boston (which is not a bad thing by any means, he’s dynamic and a true quarterback of a PG with a gritty heart and soul and a unique skill set) and shit like this is really going to make him begin to feel very unwelcome in Boston. No player wants to feel like the city’s against them. Especially, Rondo who was exposed last year as a bit soft at the center.

  • I guess it would shock me, or something, that so many people would trade Rondo for Paul ‘in a heartbeat’, except that the majority of fans seemed to think that trading Perk when Ainge did it was great; it’s like people have no ability to think for themselves and just swallow, and echo, whatever koolaide the ‘experts’ are putting out. The idea that you trade the best player on your team for another player who might be an “upgrade” verges on insanity. It also reeks of the dehumanized way people seem to routinely think about players. “Upgrade”? Really? Like players are interchangeable parts, and this one has more features listed on the box than that one? Total nonsense.

  • This all will come out wrong. Do you people think that some superstar, any superstar will come to Boston after seeing what treatment our beloved PG is getting here? A guy that leaves it all out? Ok he had some off days, but don’t we all?! This is all wrong. We won’t get a superstar player, but the worse thing is that the player we have, this great player with this unique skill set and probably out of his time, might not be very into playing his heart out for this team, because, as most of you are saying( but I would say copying the same wrong idea), he’s not welcomed. I really don’t like where all of this is going, and only one person will get out of this clean, and that’s Rondo.

  • in felgies defense he is 1/2 jew and 1/2 catholic and havng that kind of identity crisis could screw with anyone to say idiotic things