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“Definitely keep an eye on” OJ Mayo


This tweet from CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely caught my attention this morning. Sherrod was doing one of his random respond-to-every-tweet binges and turning people away from the usual suggestions of Nene and Dwight Howard and other unrealistic things.

But OJ Mayo is an interesting case. In this third year, at age 23, his scoring dropped by six points a game last year. Other than steals, everything else dropped, as the Grizzlies played him off the bench — and 12 fewer minutes a game — onto their surprise playoff run.

This could mean one of two things. 1) The guy's a headcase and Memphis benefited from addition by subtraction or 2) He just doesn't fit into what they're doing. Actually, I guess there's a third alternative: He's just not very good.

I don't buy that, though. He was a top pick, and clearly has plenty of talent. He probably needs a change of scenery. Could it be Boston? I wouldn't count on Sherrod's tweet as indicating that to be the case, merely just that he's a possibility. He's under contract this year for a little over $5 million and due to be a restricted free agent next year, per HoopsHype. Obviously, the way to land him would be a trade, and we've discussed ad nauseum how few trade chips Danny Ainge has. There would have to be some sort of Jermaine + picks deal, or the usual suggestion of a sign-and-trade involving Big Baby (or, I suppose, Jeff Green). None of these seem particularly likely. 

But he'd be an interesting addition. He would be all kinds of scoring off the bench, and if he works out, could slide right into the starting 2 spot once Ray is gone. Of course, the scoring-off-the-bench issue could easily be disputed — his productivity and shooting percentages dropped playing more of a supplemental role in Memphis last year. He wouldn't play any more here, barring injury.

From a future standpoint, is Mayo a piece you could build around? No one can say for sure for now, but he's certainly got the potential, and shouldn't be viewed as a lost cause. For now, he's just pure speculative fodder.

Via KWAPT, a Mayo highlight mix:


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  • Love it, good D, good O. He’s a little crazy but he is definitely a team player. Fill out the bench with Mayo, Green Thornton, Reggie Evans, and maybe a few freakish 7 footers like Pryzbilla and Diop. A PG 2 push Avery is also key

  • he’s a locker room cancer. i started the rumor to boston last year bc who else is gonna shut down bron, melo, kobe.. etc

  • I’d be all for it, always take a chance on talent in the NBA. The Celtics need to find more guys who can put the ball in the basket and mayo fits that bill.
    S&T for Big baby; baby is a better player than McRoberts, who memphis tried to trade mayo for last year, and Memphis had good luck taking on a nutcase from Boston last year with TA. I personally think Baby would be a great 3rd post to go with Gasol and ZBo

  • btw if there is one thing that his video proves its that he definitely has a knack for throwing alley-oops
    not sure if that’s a plus or minus in making a case for the celtics to get him

  • I like OJ, BUT- Let me just say this- if Ainge trades Rondo for anyone not named Chris Paul or Deron Williams, I’m gonna freaking lose it. I can just see him and his replacement spending 10 years trying to find a another decent point guard. I will personally drive back to Boston and stalk Ainge like a damn rodent if he trades Rondo for some couldawouldamaybe BS. I’m just sayin…
    Now if he can get OJ for Baby in a sign/trade or something like that, sure. Dying to see what bigs fall our way. Nick- good to see you again, I hope you’re kidding about Diop. Is he still in the league?

  • Rondo would not be in a trade for Mayo, not sure if that’s what you were inferring or not.
    Trades you at least consider for Rondo that don’t involve CP3/Williams (Not saying I’d do them, just fun to brainstorm lol)
    1. Rondo to LAC for Bledsoe, Kaman, Minny’s 1st round pick + take protection of their 1st round pick
    Why Boston considers – You get a significant upgrade at center, take a chance on Bledsoe being able to play a Rondo 2008 Role. Then you would get a premium pick (chance at #1 & no worse than 10 right?), minny’s 1st, in a great draft, plus a pick somewhere in the 8 to 18 range with the clippers pick. Then next year you have around 18 mil in contracts, able to offer two max contracts, keep kg and ray and 3 first round picks in the first round of maybe the deepest draft ever. You telling me that Howard and Paul wouldn’t sign up to play for a team with pierce, bledsoe, Davis, Rivers, KG, and Allen? (ok ok… that is the most optimistic outlook ever)
    2. Rondo to Minny for Rubio, Love, Wes Johnson – Not crazy about this trade, but like i say, not an automatic no.
    3. Rondo to Indy for Indy’s 1st Hibbert, P. George, D. Collison – Would Indy give up all this to get Rondo? I think they should if danny would do it, a team of Rondo/Hill/Granger/Hansbrough/Nene looks better than what they got now. This would fill a lot of the Celtics holes this year, but going forward your taking a big risk on these guys talent developing
    Ultimately, id say keep Rondo, but just some trades that you would consider if your “listening”