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Your Morning Dump… Is Rondo’s attitude wearing on his teammates?

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CSN New England’s Donny Marshall — the former NBA player who covers the Celtics and does some color commentary for the team’s broadcasts — was on NBC’s SportsTalk today talking Rajon Rondo and saying the Celtics were open to moving Rajon Rondo more because of his personality than his game.

“My sources tell me he’s started to wear his welcome out a little bit,” Marshall said.

Marshall also says that you can’t put trading anybody past GM Danny Ainge, who is fearless about exploring and making moves.

NBC Pro Basketball Talk

We've heard this before. Rondo is moody, stubborn and hard to coach. I still find it hard to believe that his personality is the driving force behind the trade rumors.

On Page 2, Glen Davis is in shape and has 5 teams interested.

Boston Celtics free-agent forward Glen Davis appears to be in good shape after working out at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., the past two months. In addition to the Celtics, Davis has drawn interest from New Jersey, Portland, Atlanta, Orlando and Philadelphia, sources said.

Davis is good friends with Magic center Dwight Howard, dating back to their AAU days.

Yahoo! Sports

Aside from New Jersey, I don't see Glen Davis as the obvious starting power forward for any of those teams. LaMarcus Aldridge is the man in Portland, although they do have a couple of creaky centers in Marcus Camby and Greg Oden. Does Orlando see Big Baby as an upgrade over Brandon Bass? Plus, GM Otis Smith needs to sort out that little Dwight Howard situation. The reborn Elton Brand posted a 15 and 8 season for Philly last season. Owed $30 million, he's not going anywhere. 

Atlanta is enticing. Could the Celtics swing a sign-and-trade that nets Josh Smith?

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  • G4L

    I would do the Atlanta Deal for Josh Smith. It would make this team instantly freakishly athletic for years to come with Rondo, Avery, Jeff Green, & Smith.

  • Agreed….Rondo`s personality is not the driving force behind the trade rumors.
    On the other hand, his personality does make it easier to part ways with him.

  • Hawks owe J Smooth $26m over the next two years and with JJ and Marvin WIlliams’ immoveable contracts, zero cap space, and ownership in flux, Smith could be a viable alternative to Chandler since there’s no plausible way to get him here. But it would take perhaps a S/T with Green/BB or JO and perhaps a throw in …. AB (team option next year) or a #2 or trade exception (Quis). Then Atl. could aminesty Williams. Never would I deal Ray straight up for JS. In fact, the veteran leadership on this team might help JS mature and improve his wickedly bad shot selection.
    In terms of judicious spending, and plugging in veterans who know the system, inking D. West and Quis makes sense given the limited practice time before the 25th.
    My two cents on CP3 … the Knicks certainly don’t have the chips and in one week he’s already talked his way out of a Hornet’s uniform. Credit SportsGuy for posting that piece from 07′ when KG appeared impervious to signing an extension. Some bloggers feel Boston is no longer a prime destination because of the KG/Ray age/contract situation. But there’s plenty of cap space available for next season to lure Superman and if Paul is serious about winning titles he may indeed decide this year could be his best shot given the staying power of Miami and OKC keeping their core intact for the foreseeable future.
    However it turns out it’s good to be back talking hoops :))

  • I’m glad Baby’s in shape, it’ll be easier to trade him if that’s the route they want to go. Would certainly take more than Davis to get Josh Smith.
    I couldn’t care less if the guys hardheaded, I’m more concerned with the fact that he cant shoot F-ing free-throws any better than Shaq.