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The Boston Celtics free agency/trade rumor Mad Libs

RedsArmyAdmin December 2, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Boston Celtics free agency/trade rumor Mad Libs

A lot of information has been filtering out over the past few days.  Well, at least it seems that way.  The fact is, its basically the same information with the names being changed a bit. 

Well, Chuck and I are notoriously lazy, and we don't feel like writing the same post over and over again.  So here's one post with all the information minus a few blanks.  Print out this post… follow me or Chuck on Twitter to get the new name… and then fill in the blanks. 


Sources say the Boston Celtics are among the teams interested in the services of [ free agent ].  Because the Celtics are very likely going to be limited to the lower, $3 million mid-level exception due to the like re-signings of Glen Davis and Jeff Green, signing [ free agent ] will be a challenge.  One possibility is a sign-and-trade, likely Glen Davis, to acquire [ free agent ] but it's unclear if a straight up swap for Davis will be enough to get the deal done. 

The Celtics have also been mentioned in trade rumors for [ star player unlikely to be traded here ].  Danny Ainge has said he's open to moving [ star Celtic unlikely to be traded away ], but he isn't actually shopping [ nickname for star Celtic unlikely to be traded away ].  But the Celtics do have a lot of holes to fill in their roster, so nothing is out of the question.  

In the end, it's much more likely the Celtics will get someone like [ role player you have to Google so you can remember who he is ] and hope he can be productive enough to help the C's off the bench.  There's an outside chance [ really old veteran without a ring but might have some minutes left in him ] might want to come here, but that would mean uprooting his family.  

Still it's a shot at a title, and he might be able to help.  If not, [ insults and expletives ] him.

There it is.  Hold on to this sucker.  It'll be good for the next few weeks. 

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