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New Celtics campaign takes a shot at Lakers, Heat fans


The Celtics released a sneak preview of their new marketing campaign today.  The overall message of the "I am a Celtic" campaign is that we are all, players and fans, Celtics.

And mixed into this particular spot is a not-so-thinly veiled shot at notoriously late-to-games fans of the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat.  Halfway through the video are the titles:

I am not Hollywood

I am not South Beach

I am Causeway Street


If you still don't get it, then you're clearly here trolling from a Lakers or Heat site.  The message is Lakers and Heat fans aren't as hardcore as Celtics fans.  C's fans show up. C's fans know when to cheer.  They don't need an instruction manual

I love it. It just ramps up these rivalries even more.  I can't wait for their responses.

After the jump, the second video the Celtics unveiled today.


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  • F-in awesome!

  • I actually totally qualify as “bandwagon.” I just showed up like 4 years ago after not watching basketball for about a decade. That said, I’ll still go toe-to-toe with any Heat clown on ball talk.

  • celts could take a lesson on how the bruins absolutely destroy these marketing campaigns

  • Explain to me why the celtics would take shots at teams they lost too… MR.HEAT Fan is me and i will accept all complaints and concerns about how my team surpassed all other teams in the league this pass season except the mavericks.

  • I remember in 2006 when Boston fans were chanting M-V-P for Kobe Bryant. Yep, those are some great fans them Celtic Fans be. lol

  • BTW. People are late in LA because traffic sucks.


    Excuse me Mr. Heat fan but I do recal the Celtics beating the Heat three times this season and only loseing once.