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A trade scenario that lands Chris Paul in Boston

ESPN's John Hollinger offers up a bunch of possible trade scenarios (not rumors) involving Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.

Here's one scenario involving CP3 and the Celtics (Insider):

Chris Paul and Trevor Ariza to Boston; Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley and Emeka Okafor to Indiana; Brandon Rush, Darren Collison, Paul George, Roy Hibbert, Glen Davis and Boston's first-round pick in 2012 to New Orleans.

We know that CP isn't gung ho about going to Boston, but consider this provocative question from our J.A. Adande: Would Boston rent Paul? The risk isn't as high as for some other squads: Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen both have expiring deals, and the Celtics could be in position to completely start over after this season even if Paul leaves, with only Paul Pierce under contract.

The other piece that needs to happen is Davis agreeing to a sign-and-trade; the LSU product would have a starting gig waiting for him in New Orleans, so I imagine he'd be amenable.

There's also a risk here for the Pacers, who would be cashing in most of their young-talent chips to get Rondo. Ideally they'd do this deal without the de facto Hibbert-Okafor trade, and I'm sure they're very reluctant to part with a rather talented young wingman in George. However, there are several combinations of outgoing players from Indiana that make this deal work (one that's intriguing: including New Orleans-raised Danny Granger), depending on the tastes of the Hornets and Pacers. I have to think they could agree on something if the basic parameters worked for all three sides.

While I think this deal is unlikely, Boston is the one team most likely to pursue Paul without a contract extension, and a three-way deal with Rondo is probably how it would go down.

The Celtics would possess a top 7 that includes: Chris Paul, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jermaine O'Neal, Jeff Green and Trevor Ariza. Provided Danny Ainge would be able to lure a good big man with remaining funds, Miami wouldn't stand a chance against this team.

For the record, I would not trade Rondo for Paul without the agreement of a contract extension.

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  • It’s hard to say. I’m sure Danny thinks about it. Your in rebuild mode after this season anyway, the chance to get Chris Paul here and get a feel for the city and organization/coaching staff, upgrade your team for this year, and have even more cap space for a great free agent class next year? It’s at least enticing. I’d be open to the possibility, and you could offer CP3 more money (I think, if new CBA is similar) than other teams when hes a free agent and still have money to get Dwight Howard here.

  • That’s not that terrible of an idea renting him for a season. I was all for blowing it up after losing to Miami last year so why not roll the dice?

  • “Miami wouldn’t stand a chance”
    Huh? That’s a pretty shallow team with no big men. In fact, that’s really only 6 deep considering O’Neal is a walking corpse. Miami would murder us under the boards. No thanks.
    I’d rather stand pat, fill in the blanks, and build around Rondo’s friendly contract next year.