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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s are concerned about Chris Paul’s knee

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Slowly but surely, the talk of Chris Paul coming to Boston is beginning to die a slow death.

[…] One of the reasons that's giving the C's some reason to pause in their pursuit of Paul is his health; specifically, his surgically repaired left knee.

While he appears to have bounced back from the 2010 injury nicely, there is some concern that the injury could prove problematic in the future.

CSNNE: Celtics concerned about Paul's knee

I don't know if this is spin control or something more.  But it's starting to sound like these Chris Paul-to-Boston rumors are dying down. 

Personally, I'm fine with that. Its not like we've got Smush Parker running the team.  Rajon freakin' Rondo is just fine, thanks.  And there is a bit of a backlash now with the Rajon Rondo trade rumors.  

I get that too.  I love Rondo and what he tried to do in the playoffs was amazing.  Unfortunately, people fail to see this whole thing realistically.  If you have an opportunity to upgrade at a position, you try to do it.  Everyone involved needs to be, as Doc said yesterday, a grown up.  

Will Rondo be pissed about this?  Maybe.  And maybe that'll mean he sulks and proves to Danny that he should, indeed, be pursuing a trade or maybe he'll rise up and fill the gaps in his game and become untouchable.  Who knows what will happen.  

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On Page 2: More  players getting interest from the C's

A. Sherrod Blakely: "Multiple league sources co…" « via kwout

Stop right there.  Stop.  

This is why we should never sign Kwame Brown.  Move on from that.  I'll take Aaron Gray over him every day.  As for other Bigs, I'd take Landry over Hayes.  We might as well keep Glen Davis at that point.  I wonder if Landry will be in the Celtics' price range, though.

On the wings, Battier is a great veteran fit that can really help keep the C's bench together.  We've already talked about Mason.  And then there's Quisy. 

Until that freak injury last season, Marquis Daniels was having a pretty good year off the bench.  Surgery supposedly corrected the spinal cord problem that led to that injury, so he might be a good risk.  It might be an especiallly good risk if he's willing to take the veteran minimum to play a season and prove he's healthy. 

In a shortened preseason, and on a team that might need to rebuild its chemistry a bit, going after Marquis might be a pretty good idea. 

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  • people treat this dislocated arm game like it was heaven on earth. nobody remebers before he injured his arm rondo was 0-4 and had like 3 turnovers that game and wasn’t even being defended by his guy. When are celtics fans gonna realize that rondo’s faults outshine his skills. walking the ball up starting the offense at 16 seconds, his refusal to go the hoop and finsih , his terriblke jump shot that nobody even plays defesne on, his terrible reach and get a steal or get comepletly beat defense. I mean it shows how selfish and ignorant rondo is when he refuses to finish a layup instead passing it to another play on a fastbreak just so he can get an assist. I mean if that doesn’t show he cares more about stats than winning idk what does

  • None of these trade rumors would even exist IF….Rondo could sink free throws or hit a wide open 15 foot jumper.
    Unfortunately, he will never develop the skill to do either.

  • even looking past his shots theres ton of holes in his game due to stubborness. Not finishing around the hoop, making passes when he has open layups, walkign the ball up the court starting the offense at 16 seconds left on the shot clock, lazy reach defense. his best asset is pushing it in fastbreak and he refuses to do so instead hell get the ball at the outlet and just stop and walk it up. Team’s who play defense don’t even play him its basically 4on 5 which hurts the other starters game

  • It’s time to move on from Quisy. The guy is not dependable. I’d rather take someone a bit less talented with a healthy track record.

  • I`ll agree he`s overrated {by Celtic fans}. Only a fool would take Rondo over Paul, Rose, Williams, Westbrook, etc.
    However, all would be forgiven if Rondo had shooting skills.