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Delonte West: I’m in same category as Terry, Crawford

Delonte West told his Twitter followers yesterday that he was heading to the Boston Globe on his final day as a furniture delivery truck driver. As it turned out, he had an interview with Julian Benbow:

For the length of the season, he was on house arrest so strict that when he broke his wrist and went to the hospital, his officer said he should have called. He was under such close watch by the Celtics that he was asked to check in multiple times a day.

“But at the same time, that’s all right if that’s what it takes,’’ he said. “You’d be surprised what some people would do to be able to put on an NBA jersey.

“So if had to call four times a day to let my team owner know where I’m at, or if they wanted me to let them know when I got back from Costco, I’m willing to do that.’’

“I’m in the same category as Jason Terry and Jamal Crawford,’’ he said. “I think my name should be right in that talk. As far as you saying, ‘Let’s get a guy we can put on our bench who can come in and get it done,’ I think I’m right in the same talk with them.’’

“Eight years in, I’ve had the young mistakes,’’ he said. “I’ve put those behind me. I’ve shown that I can play this game at a high level, hit the tough shot. I’m ready to go. Wherever fits right.’’

I like Delonte's game, always have (he's clearly not in the same class as Jason Terry and Jamal Crawford). Decent shooter. Not afraid to attack the basket. Tough as nails. Ultimate team player.

Except for the alleged incident with Von Wafer, West was on his best behavior last season. He missed 3/4 of the season with a fractured right wrist and sprained ankle.

I'm all for Danny Ainge offering Delonte another veteran minimum contract. It will give West another year to prove he's alright mentally and physically, and that will get him closer to a multi-year deal.

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  • i think after being suck delivering furniture to get by during the lock out, Delonte might be looking for more than min contract this time around..and who could really blame him i guess.

  • Jamal Crawford is gonna be one pissed-off free agent when he reads that!