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The new CBA hurts more than helps this year

RedsArmyAdmin November 30, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on The new CBA hurts more than helps this year

I guess this is the kind of effect small market teams wanted out of the new deal. 

ESPN put together how the new CBA helps and hurts both short and long term.  The biggest impact on the Celtics is in the short term.  Like really short term.  Like the next two weeks. 

Whatever happens with Rajon Rondo will happen, and it won't really change any of this.  With the salary matching rules still being essentially the same as last season for the Celtics, they'll still be right here with Rajon Rondo or Chris Paul running the point. 

The Celtics will either hit the luxury tax by signing Glen Davis, Jeff Green, or both.  That will leave them with $3 million to sign a role player, instead of the full $5 million mid-level guy.  And what's $3 million going to get you?  

Not a lot.

This is why you're looking at Danny going into full trade mode.  A trade is the best option for helping this team.  A sign-and-trade with Glen Davis could bring in a more palatable player to fill his spot and, maybe, a draft pick or something to help down the road.  

It's either that or just re-sign him and Green and try to use your cap room next season and beyond to lure another star into town.  No matter what, the Celtics are probably even more handcuffed than they would have been under the old deal.  Danny's going to have to get creative.

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