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Report: Chris Paul won’t sign extension with the Celtics

Chris Paul Celtics JerseyESPN's Chris Broussard has an update on the Chris Paul trade speculation:

All the chatter about Boston's interest in Chris Paul is a moot point because the All-Star point guard will not sign a long-term contract extension with the Celtics, according to a person close to the situation.

Paul, who will become a free agent after this season, essentially has veto power over any trade because no team will give up valuable assets for him without an assurance that it can sign him for the next several years.

Boston would love to acquire Paul for a package built around Rajon Rondo and have been seeking a third trading partner to sweeten an offer to New Orleans.

But Paul's reluctance to commit to Boston long term should quickly put an end to the scenario.

Hmmm… where have we heard a story like this before? 2007, maybe. When KG allegedly refused to sign an extension with the Celtics as his name surfaced in trade rumors. One championship, two Finals appearances and four years later, KG is doing just fine in Boston.

If Chris Paul is refusing to sign an extension with the Celtics, I have two words for him: Screw you. Go play with your buddies in New York. The Celtics will still be kicking your ass for the next decade.

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  • Name me one team that has won a championship with a defense in the bottom ten of the league. You can join Melo and Amare if you want, but the Mike D’Antoni style of basketball isn’t championship basketball.

  • Why would Chris Paul sign an extension with Celts? After next year when Ray-Ray and KG are gone, all the C’s will have is an old Paul Pierce. So it’s either rebuild in Boston (unless we make so major moves) or go play with your buddies in New York and rival the Heat for the next decade. Seems like an easy choice to me.

  • because there’s a very good chance Dwight Howard will be wearing green next year as well.

  • My dislike for CP3 just increased about 90%…..

  • Rival the Heat? The Knicks will be awful until they unload D’Antoni.
    As for the Celtics, who’s to say KG doesn’t stick around for another year or two at a drastically reduced rate? And play alongside the max free agent Danny Ainge signs?

  • Thatts the second hurdle.. obviously there are more attractive destinations out there than Boston Danny needs to just focus on getting an agreed deal in place then Danny and doc can speak with cp3 about the future of this franchise. Obviously the potential of dwight signing is huge but not a strong enough selling point alone

  • No way Dwight ends up in Boston. He’s either staying in Orlando or going to the Lakers. If you had a choice between Boston and L.A., what would you choose?

  • They’ll be Top 3 team in the East with Miami and Chicago.

  • Arguing that any team with Stat, Melo, and CP3 wouldn’t be a contender is silly regardless of the coach.

  • I don’t care about Chris Paul? when did Chris Paul reached the finals? nada. I also don’t his goodie-two-shoes attitude un-Celtic and he’s a Lebron friend. Rondo is better than Chris Paul, Chris Paul is slow and fat.