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Doc: “What’s more important… this season or big picture?

Scott Souza apparently spoke to Doc Rivers today, and he just completed a tweeting binge that included that tweet you see there. 

It's an ominous sounding quote that makes you wonder what the hell is going on.  By "this season" does he mean regular season and a title is the big picture?  Or is he, in his own roundabout way, telling us to buckle up for some roster changes? 

He did touch on all the trade rumors, saying:

We're in a grown-up business. You just try to be as honest as possible.

I'm dying for some context, which I'm sure will come from a piece Souza will write. I'm not 100% sure on how to interpret the whole thing at the moment, so I'm eagerly waiting for more.

Among the other lines from Doc Rivers…

"it's not an old team trying to win for the last time, it's a new team trying to win for the first time."

"we've created a system all summer … and we're going to try to go out and get right players to fit system."

For the whole thing, check out Scott Souza on Twitter.  And while you're at it… follow him, will ya?  He's worth it.

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  • Sounds quite easy to me: forget this season, we’re aiming to build a winning team in two years.
    Anyway, I want CP3 in a green jersey NOW!

  • solid reporting- sounds like they’re weighing the options… hopefully that includes trading KG and ray. or buckle down 5-10 yrs of rebuilding

  • Ainge has repeatedly said he doesn’t want a replay of what happened the last time the C’s had an aging big 3. This is gonna be an interesting 2 weeks starting on the 9th of December.