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Report: Ainge, Hornets have discussed Rondo for CP3

Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick has taken the Rajon Rondo trade rumors to the next level:

Ainge, the sources say, has recently discussed trading Rondo in a deal that nets Paul, but the Hornets don't appear interested in a two-team deal in which Rondo — who has four years worth approximately $46 million left on his contract — and Paul would switch places. So Ainge has been on the prowl for a third team that could provide the sort of young pieces Hornets general manager Dell Demps would covet as part of his possible rebuilding plan. The more pressing question, of course, is whether Paul, who can become a free agent after this season, would consider signing an extension with Boston.

While ESPN reports that New York tops Paul's wish list because of the chance to form a Big Three with Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, Paul would have a chance to take the Big Four — joining Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen — to a new level in Beantown. Without Paul agreeing to an extension, however, the sources say Ainge will not do the deal.

Rajon Rondo isn't enough for Dell Demps? He's a budding superstar with a manageable contract. I'm not sure what else Demps is looking for, considering everyone knows Paul wants out of New Orleans. 

I think Paul is a dynamic offensive player and I've supported this trade in the past. For all the talk of Paul's health, he's played in at least 78 games in 4 of 6 seasons.

What else does Demps want? How about a 6-9 bulky power forward to replace David West?

Stay tuned…

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  • this is getting intense… boy when December 9th get here, how crazy will it be…

  • Here are Demps’ current options:
    A – Watch Paul sign somewhere else
    B – Swap Paul for another All-Star PG, who is locked up in a good contract.
    I don’t want this trade to go down simply because I love Rondo too much, but I can’t imagine that Demps is going to get anything better. Unless he’s just holding out for a miracle.

  • Danny Ainge is looking to hit a home run this free agency. Let’s hope he succeeds.

  • When do I have to start paying my cable tv bill again?

  • I would not support this trade at all, maybe if West was coming back for Baby, but not even then would I do it. Rondo tore his arm off and still played. I’ll take more heart on this team than the outside shot Paul provides.
    Chandler would be ideal!

  • I think it would take Rondo + Jeff Green to get it done. Would maybe make sense depending on how you could fill out your backup wing spots.
    For the backup Small forward spot you could look to include bbd in the deal for Paul + Ariza OR There are a lot of 3’s on the FA market to where you might be able to get one for the vets min – Al Thorton, Kirilenko, Battier, Prince, Hill, James Jones, JRich, Maurice Evans, Josh Howard, Quis, Butler, with Salmons, Artest, Posey, Outlaw, Gomes and Magette who might soon be making an appearance on this list.
    For shooting guards you could look to several S&T options with big baby that make sense to houston for Williams or Lee, to memphis for Mayo,Utah for Bell etc. obviously you want to try and bring Delonte back, or try and find a cheap FA from a group of Mason, Stephenson, Redd or one of the guys above.
    Overall point is, with the plethora of other options, i wouldn’t be at all hesitant to trade green with rondo to get paul. IF you thought Paul was a significant upgrade over Rondo for both this year and the future. I haven’t decided where i stand on that yet.

  • “After last season’s playoffs, the Celtics offered Rondo and Jeff Green to Oklahoma City for Russell Westbrook and Kendrick Perkins” sources have told Broussard
    Danny Strainge!!

  • celt’s don’t need a new pg, they need more walking cains and wheelchairs

  • So OKC trades Green for Perk. Why would they trade him back while sidegrading or arguably downgrading at the point?
    Broussard is trolling everyone.
    Plus, why is he reporting this now?
    Not to mention, I don’t even think you can trade back for your own player within 6 months anyway. Me thinks Broussard is making something out of nothing.